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   Chapter 571 Unlock the Handcuffs

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With a dark face, Charles shook his head slightly to indicate that there was still no clue about Linda's whereabouts.

Looking at Charles's expression, Brian instantly understood what was going through his mind. Brian felt just as anxious.

After all, Linda was his best friend's wife as well as his wife's respected Lady Linda. He said,"Charles, I'll go back home now and use the Ho Clan's power to help locate Linda."

"Yes, thank you," Charles responded simply in a low voice, barely looking at him.

Although he was preoccupied with his worry about Linda, he did appreciate Brian's help, and Brian knew that. They were such good friends that they didn't have to exchange many words to communicate with each other.

Brian knew that their utmost priority now was to find Linda's exact location and save her. They also had to find out who the mastermind behind the whole kidnapping was.

"Honey, you stay here and see what else you can help with. I'm going home first," Brian said to Bun and gave her a kiss on the forehead. Bun nodded her head in agreement. She wanted to stay in the Mu Clan's villa until they managed to find Linda. Sarah might have managed to take Linda away, but Bun wouldn't rest assured and she would do anything she could to help until she saw Linda come back to the villa safe.

Bun embraced Brian before he left, once again thankful that he had disposed of the bomb unharmed. Having to worry about the two most important people in her life on the same day had really shaken her.

Meanwhile, Charles wondered what to do about the babies. Right now, his whole focus was on saving Linda, so he wouldn't be able to take care of them properly. The Mu Clan's villa was a well-guarded place, but he asked Paul to drive the kids to James Mu and Violet Xing's house just in case.

He wasn't comfortable with leaving the kids here with just the servants to look after them. After all, he had done that earlier today at the KTV club and that hadn't turned out well.

But Charles knew that if his own parents were taking care of the kids, then he wouldn't have to worry about them. The Mu Clan's main house was also very safe and guarded by many bodyguards, and the babies' grandparents would surely take better care of them than the servants ever could. .

Somewhere else in the city, Linda was sandwiched between two strong men in the backseat of a car. The two men had an iron grip on her arms, as if she would disappear at any moment. Her arms would definitely be bruised after this.

Earlier, when Sarah and the men had taken Linda through the back door of the warehouse, they had instantly covered her eyes with a blindfold and pushed her into a car. Since Linda couldn't see anyth

en disfigured by Amy Qi, she had stayed at the Nalan Clan's house all day long. Bun had come over later and taught Linda some personal defense skills in case she was ever in danger again.

Unlocking the handcuffs was one of the skills that Linda had learned from Bun.

Even though she didn't have a key, she still could unlock them with a tiny stick or a piece of iron wire.

As long as she could find something long, slim and sharp, she would be able to unlock them.

Obviously, it wasn't a skill known by common people. Bun had learned it from Brian, who had been on many confidential and dangerous missions. Unlocking the handcuffs was just one of the basic skills taught in Brian's training.

Naturally, Brian had taught it to Bun, who had then passed on that knowledge to Linda. Linda was smart, so she had mastered it very soon after a bit of practice.

So, all Linda had to do now was to find something that was long and sharp. Now that she was sure that she was in a hotel room, she began to rack her brains for objects in a hotel room that would be long and sharp.

Suddenly, it occurred to her that generally, there would be a notebook in a hotel room for the guests to leave their feedback.

And there would be a ballpoint pen placed next to it.

If Linda could screw the cap of the ballpoint pen off, she could take out the pen refill inside it. That would be long and sharp enough to unlock the handcuffs.

Just to make sure, Linda ran her fingers over the keyhole of her handcuffs and found that it was big enough to have a pen refill inserted into it.

If she could find a pen on the desk, she would be able to free her hands!

However, she was blindfolded, and her hands were locked behind her.

It would be difficult for her to search for a ballpoint pen in this position.

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