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   Chapter 570 Linda Had been Taken Away

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By Mei Jiao Characters: 8136

Updated: 2019-01-31 00:17

"Why aren't you keeping your word?" Linda asked angrily.

"So what if I don't? Linda, I've already traded one of your babies for you. I think I've been kind enough to you," Sarah said with a mischievous smile.

The masked man from the hotel had just told her in her earphone that he could help get her father out of prison, so she didn't have to negotiate with Charles anymore.

Now that she knew that she didn't need his help, she went back to her daring and arrogant self.

Charles saw how cruel and reckless Sarah was being, so he decided to fight fire with fire. "Sarah, do you think that your father's prison sentence is so light that he can be discharged from prison just like that? And do you think your grandfather never committed a crime? It won't be hard for me to dig up enough evidence about his past to convict him and send him to jail too. He's already old and weak now, and I'm afraid that he might die very soon if he is put in prison."

"How dare you threaten me?" Sarah asked furiously. She had allowed herself to relax a little after the man speaking to her via the earphone had told her that he could get her father out of prison, but now Charles was making her upset again. Her grandfather was already seriously ill; if he was sent to jail in such a condition, he might actually die as Charles said.

"You can keep on being reckless like this if you don't care about your grandfather. Don't think that you can be so cruel and fearless just because there's someone backing you this time. Think about it carefully. What if he is taking advantage of you?" Linda said patiently.

She noticed a minor change in Sarah's expression. Her words seemed to have unnerved her like she had intended them to.

Sarah was about to reply when the man's voice came from the earphone again. "Just give their son to Charles and bring Linda here. There's no time to waste. Their men are on the way."

Sarah gave Little Potato to Charles at once. Then, the whole warehouse was suddenly filled with smoke, and she began to retreat along with Linda and the men in black under the cover of the smoke.

"Linda!" Charles shouted.

The Mu Security Team had finally reached the warehouse. When Paul and Bun heard Charles shouting and saw smoke coming from the warehouse, they quickly ran inside.

"Young Master!" Paul called.

"Rescue Linda right now!" Charles said.

However, when the smoke cleared, Linda was nowhere t

ngerous detour.

It had been a gamble, but luckily, he'd managed to reach the Tai Lake just in time.

With just a few seconds left on the timer, he'd thrown the bomb into the lake. That was the only way to deal with it; to let it explode in a place where it couldn't hurt civilians.

If they had tried cutting any of the wires in the bomb, it might have exploded right then.

The man who had made the bomb was definitely very cautious and vicious.

"Honey, Lady Linda has been taken away. We're all very worried about her now," Bun said anxiously.

Her expression worried Brian.

"What happened?" he asked.

Bun replied,"After you left, we found that Little Potato and Little Tomato had been abducted, so Lady Linda, Young Master, Paul and I rushed to the West City Wharf, where we guessed they were keeping the babies. Lady Linda and Young Master entered the warehouse where the enemies were alone, so I have no idea what happened in there. They went inside to negotiate with the kidnappers and managed to rescue the babies, but Lady Linda was taken away."

After seeing that the children were safe, Brian had wondered why Charles looked so anxious when they walked in. Now that he'd finally learned that Linda was missing, he understood how Charles must be feeling.

Brian still remembered that Linda had once been abducted by Vincent just because he asked Bun to go out for fun and leave Linda alone, letting Vincent get the chance.

Brian still felt guilty about the incident.

He knew how much Charles loved Linda.

"Charles, what are you going to do now? Have you found out where Linda is?"

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