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   Chapter 569 What If I Say No

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Linda immediately answered without any hesitation.

"Okay, I promise. You can have my life in exchange for my babies. Give the babies back to us right now, and I'll come with you."

Linda wasn't sure why Sarah had suddenly changed her plan. Maybe the person behind the scenes had instructed her to do so. However, all she could do now was to give Sarah whatever she wanted for her babies' sake.

"No way! I'm not letting you go anywhere!" Charles refused bluntly in a furious voice.

How could he hand his wife to the enemy in exchange for the safety of his kids? He was on the losing side either way.

Hearing Charles's words, Sarah grinned and said arrogantly,"Young Master Mu, don't forget that your dear son and daughter are in my hands. I control the game. You don't have a right to say no! And besides, your wife has promised to come with me."

Irritated by Sarah's arrogant attitude and her threatening words, Charles's eyes fumed with fury.

With his fingers hovering over the dragon ring, Charles took a step forward. If he wanted to kill Sarah, he could do it in a split second.

But he didn't want to risk the lives of his kids by doing that. If he killed Sarah, the men standing behind would definitely hurt the kids, so it wasn't worth taking that risk.

"Don't come closer! Freeze!" Sarah yelled when she saw Charles start to approach her. Panic-stricken, she instantly turned to the baby cot and wrapped her hands around Little Potato's neck, meaning to strangle him.

Charles's heart almost jumped out of his mouth when he saw his son in danger. Clenching his fists, he had no choice but to step backward. For the first time in his life, Charles felt frustrated and humiliated.

Children were the weakness of every parent. Up to this point, Charles had never been afraid of anyone and had never let anyone threaten him. But after meeting Linda and having two kids with her, he now had a weakness, and this weakness would definitely be taken advantage of by his opponents again and again. Charles gritted his teeth at the thought and swore that he would protect them better in the future so that something like this would never happen again.

Meanwhile, Linda watched the earphone on Sarah's ear intently. There was definitely someone instructing her on what to say and what to do.

"Okay, calm down. Let the kids off first!" Linda persuaded. It broke her heart to see Sarah's hands around her son's neck. He was such a poor thing!

It was a good thing that her son was still too young to realize what was happening to him. If his mind had already developed enough, th

uffs and come over to my side now. I'll keep my word and return this baby boy to the Mu clan."

Linda stared at Sarah in silence, trying to think a way out of this. But left with no choice, she helplessly picked up the pair of handcuffs from the ground and snapped them onto her wrists.

Charles's brows sunk deeper in anxiety as he watched Linda's movements. He wished he could be the one being taken hostage instead of Linda. He couldn't imagine what terrible things would happen to Linda if he let her go with them now.

To make sure that Sarah didn't notice her dragon ring, Linda kept her fists down after she snapped the handcuffs onto her wrists. If Sarah noticed her ring and took it away from her, Linda would have no way to escape. The dragon ring was the Mu clan's family treasure. Despite its small size, there were a lot of useful functions hidden in it which could help save her life.

Sarah burst into ear-piercing laughter when she saw Linda walking toward her resignedly in handcuffs. She said excitedly,"Linda, you've finally fallen into my hands. I have a big surprise for you today. You'll get to enjoy it later!"

Then, two of the men behind Sarah stepped forward and grabbed Linda.

They locked Linda's arms, gripping them so violently that Linda could barely feel them anymore. So she asked in a helpless voice,"Sir, please don't be so harsh. You're going to break my arms, see? There's no way I can escape, so you don't have to use so much strength."

The two men exchanged glances with each other and then slightly loosened their grip on Linda.

"Sarah, now keep your word! Return my son to Charles now!" Linda demanded.

"What if I say no?" Sarah asked as she curled her lips into a sly smile.

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