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   Chapter 568 Trade Your Life For Your Babies

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By Mei Jiao Characters: 7812

Updated: 2019-01-30 00:17

Hearing Charles's words, Sarah's face turned livid with rage.

"Charles Mu, shut up. How dare you talk back to me like that? Don't forget that your two precious babies are with me! If you keep talking without knowing your place, I'll kill them today!"

Charles went silent immediately. Sarah had indeed abducted Little Potato and Little Tomato, which he'd never expected from her. He still couldn't believe that she was acting alone. There was probably someone who was backing her.

If Sarah didn't have his children in her grip, he definitely wouldn't feel threatened by her.

Sarah snorted and said,"Apologize to me right now!"

The truth was that after persuading herself to give up on Brian, Sarah didn't have a grudge against anyone.

She thought that since Brian didn't want to be together with her, she should stop disturbing him. Besides, Amy was dead, so she didn't have to help Amy do anything terrible again. And finally, even though she had done something cruel to Linda once, she had realized that she'd gone too far and stopped hating Linda.

So for a while, Sarah had led a peaceful and quiet life without pursuing any big goals. All she'd wanted to do was to find a man whom she could get married to and start a new life with.

She'd never expected that one day Charles would destroy the whole Shen clan.

The Shen clan used to be a powerful clan. All the family members worked as police officers for generations, but after Sarah's father was sent to prison and a few other family members fell ill, the Shen clan's name had taken a serious hit.

Her family name, which had once been revered, was now despised and looked down upon. Sarah believed it was all because of Charles.

She could never understand why Charles couldn't have just let them off.

"Apologize to you? Why does he have to do that? Did he say something wrong earlier?" Linda asked before Charles could reply, although she didn't mention that Sarah's father, Shawn, fully deserved his punishment.

Linda utterly despised Shawn. If he had just taken bribes and gotten to a high position by using dirty methods without harming anyone, Linda might not find him so repulsive. But not only was he a corrupt official, he was also so evil that he framed Bun's father for revealing a state secret.

Bun's father had been innocent, but since h

rous situation, she would surely infuriate Sarah who might hurt the babies immediately.

So no matter how worried she was, Linda didn't dare take such a risk.

It seemed the best course of action would be to play along with Sarah and come to a compromise. After the Mu Security Team arrived, Linda and Charles could use the dragon rings on their fingers to attack the enemies and then rescue their babies together with the Mu Security Team.

So until the Mu Security Team arrived, Linda and Charles had to keep Sarah calm and make sure that no harm came to their babies.

Linda thought about how Paul and Bun would be waiting outside the warehouse for them.

She didn't know if Sarah had only come with these ten men, or if there were more lurking outside the warehouse.

In case there were more enemies, Paul and Bun would have to fight them off till the Mu Security Team arrived.

When Linda was considering all the possibilities, Sarah threw a knife with a sharp blade straight at Linda's legs without warning. Luckily, Linda was always alert and dodged the knife just in time.

She couldn't believe how brutal and vicious Sarah had become.

When Sarah was about to speak, she suddenly stopped and stood still, pulling a long face as she stared at Charles and Linda. Linda stared right back and noticed that Sarah was wearing a earphone as well. Sarah was probably being given instructions by someone.

After a short while, Sarah squinted at Linda and said,"I can give you a choice. Are you willing to trade your life for your babies?"

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