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   Chapter 567 Accept Treatment Earlier

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'If the fish doesn't refer to a wharf, what else could it refer to?' Linda thought.

She began chewing on the meaning of the message again while quickly checking one warehouse after the other, but she couldn't come up with any other meaning for a fish.

Moments later, she heard Charles's voice on the earphone. "I've found it. Come to my side now!"

Linda jumped with joy as she heard about the news. With her fastest speed, she picked up her pace to run towards Charles. In an agony of anxiety, she prayed in her mind that her two babies were safe without suffering from any pain.

As she was hurrying to the side Charles was in, she accidentally tripped over a stone on the ground and stumbled down. Right before the moment she hit the ground, she stretched out her arms, trying to support herself. However, the ground was covered in rocks and gravel, some of which cut into her hands. Blood started seeping out of the cuts instantly.

"Ouch, it hurts!" she groaned, her face twisted in pain.

Not only were her hands bleeding, but her whole body was also aching all over because of the fall, which seemed to have jarred every bone in her body. Despite the pain, Linda mustered all her strength, stood up and began running again. She couldn't afford to lose even a second.

As she ran, she felt a sharp stab of pain in her knees. They must have gotten scraped when she fell.

But the physical pain she was feeling was nothing compared to the mental agony she was going through thinking about the safety of her kids, so she ignored the pain and kept running forward.

By the time she reached Charles's location, Bun and Paul had already arrived. Bun, who was shocked to see Linda's dirty clothes, worriedly asked,"My Lady, what happened? Did you fall down?"

"Hmm, yes," Linda responded simply and nodded her head. She waved her hands at Bun to show that it wasn't anything serious.

Then, she raised her head and saw Charles standing in front of the door of the warehouse.

A piece of paper was pasted on the door.

Charles peeled the paper off of the door and read the words on it out loud. "If you want to save your kids, Linda Xia must enter alone."

Charles's face darkened in anger. 'Let Linda go inside alone? What are they going to do with her? So their actual target is Linda? Who the hell is behind this?

Robert Huo?' Charles thought, frowning.

Linda walked up to Charles and reached out to take the paper from his hands, but Charles grabbed her hand midway when he saw her bleeding cuts.

"Honey... your hands..." he said worriedly, but Linda shook her head and cut in before he could finish.

"Honey, I'm okay. Don't worry. I just had a little fall and hurt myself." She shifted her gaze to the paper and said,"Since I'm the kidnappers' target, I'll go in alone. You all can wait outside."

"No way! How can I risk letting you go alone? Let's wait here for a while. The Mu Security Team will arrive soon," Charles said, blocking

babies were lying quietly.

Linda noticed that her babies were furrowing their brows without crying, as if they were conscious of the strange and dangerous environment around them.

"Sarah, stop your wrong deed right now. You still have a chance to walk away. Repent now, and don't make an irreparable mistake," Linda tried to persuad Sarah.

"My wrong deed? What wrong deed have I done? Tell me, Linda Xia," Sarah drawled.

Looking at Linda's anxious and helpless face, Sarah felt somewhat satisfied.

"Your father is already experiencing the consequence of the wrong deed he did many years ago. He couldn't get away with his crime. Sarah, why can't you understand? Don't add to your sins," Linda said as she tried to compose herself.

"Yes, he did something wrong. But Linda, you had the power to save my father, or at least reduce his sentence. I begged you so much but you didn't help me even a little! I never hurt you before that. Why didn't you help me? Didn't you ever feel guilty about it?"

Sarah said, agitated.

Linda was speechless hearing Sarah put all the blame on her.

The truth was that Linda hadn't been obligated to help Sarah. She had told Sarah that before.

If Sarah had been her friend, Linda might have offered her some help, but Sarah had never been her friend.

Moreover, her father's crime was indeed serious. He had framed Bun's father and made Bun's whole family collapse, resulting in Bun's miserable life afterward. The fact that Linda hadn't sought justice for Bun yet was, in itself, a huge favor she was doing Sarah Shen.

"Why aren't you saying anything? Linda, you're the one who should be repenting. You've forced me to do this!"

Sarah's eyes fumed with fury as she spoke. She didn't look like she was in the right state of mind. With his face darkening, Charles said,"Sarah Shen, why should Linda have to help you? Are you insane? I suggest you see a psychiatrist and get yourself treated. It's all for your own good."

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