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   Chapter 566 He had Desired for Linda for Long

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"If the kidnappers have done this just for the ransom, it will be easy to deal with them," Charles said in a stern voice. But secretly, he had a feeling that money wasn't the motive for the kidnappers.

"No, I'm going with you. They're my babies too. Little Potato and Little Tomato are the most important thing to me. I've to make sure that they're all right with my own eyes. If I go to the villa now, I won't be able to forgive myself," Linda said in a trembling voice.

Charles wanted to try and persuade Linda, but they were running out of time. The more time they spent arguing, the less time they would have to find their children.

So instead, he sighed and took Linda to his car. Bun and Paul got on with them, since they were both skilled fighters.

Before they left, Charles asked Nelson to drive the rest of their family and friends back to the Mu clan's villa, where they would all be safe.

Paul quickly notified all the men in the Mu Security Team to head toward the West City Wharf. .

In the same hotel the mysterious man was in, there was a woman standing at the doorstep of a presidential suite and anxiously peeking into it.

Inside the suite, a man sitting on a sofa put down his glass of red wine on the table and grabbed the mask next to it. Then, he put on the mask and turned around to face the door. "Since you're already here, why not come in, Miss Shen?" he asked.

"Who on earth are you?" Sarah Shen asked, staying at the door on high alert. She couldn't find anything familiar about the man in the mask. She wondered why he was helping her take revenge on Linda even though he wasn't acquainted with her.

There was a lot of doubt creeping around in her mind, so she didn't know how freely she could talk to this stranger, or if she could be straightforward with him at all. There was a cold and cruel aura radiating from him that made her uneasy.

And yet, he was the one helping her, so Sarah meekly walked into the room.

"Could you tell me why you're helping me?" Sarah gathered her courage to ask.

"I don't need a reason to help you, do I?" a low and attractive voice left the man's mouth, followed by a thin smile on his lips.

Born into a wealthy and upper-class family, Sarah knew very well that no one's help came free. This man must have a particular reason for helping her. There must be something that made him think the risk he was taking was worth it.

"Do you have a grudge against Linda Xia, too?" Sarah cautiously asked again.

Instead of answering her question directly, the man smiled and warned,"Don't overstep your boundaries and ask too many questions about my intentions. You don't need to know everything clearly. Just keep in

stalled in them. The GPS system is connected with the Mu Security Team's system. So if any of us is in danger, our home will know it at once." "What?

Our home?" Linda asked, confused.

Paul nodded his head and explained,"Yes. That is, the base camp of the Mu Security Team."

Linda nodded without asking further questions. Time was precious to them now, so they had to take action at once.

"Honey, take care of yourself. Remember to be alert at all times," Charles reminded Linda. He didn't want to separate from her, but with such little time, they didn't have a choice.

Forcing a smile and pointing at the dragon ring, Linda said,"Don't worry about me. I have the ring. I can protect myself and nobody can hurt me."

And with that, they separated ways and began to search every warehouse in the wharf.

Linda soon found that the earphone could be used to communicate with each other too, when, a few minutes later, she heard Bun's voice on the earphone.

"Young Master, My Lady, I've searched my side, but I didn't find any trace of the kidnappers. Most of these warehouses are locked. I don't think they're in there," Bun reported.

"I don't see anyone in my side either," Paul said.

Hearing their reports made Linda nervous. Even though she'd already searched a lot of warehouses, she hadn't seen anyone in her side either. Most of the warehouses were being rented by companies to store their cargo, so they were locked by this hour. Her babies definitely weren't in any of those, so Linda wondered where they could be.

Had they been tricked by the kidnappers and come to the wrong wharf? Or, could it be possible that the hint from the kidnappers didn't refer to a wharf at all? Had they made a wrong guess? All sorts of terrible possibilities ran through Linda's head.

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