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   Chapter 565 The West City Wharf

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Cindy had been very naughty ever since she was a child. She was always interested in doing strange, funny things that other people knew little about.

When she was a little girl, Donna used to scold her for picking up bad habits and learning how to do bad things.

But Linda had never scolded Cindy for such things, because she'd always thought that it was good for a kid to show curiosity about everything and do anything she liked.

Thanks to Linda, Cindy stayed curious and learned a lot of unique, special and useful skills. Today, her skill could be put to good use. Although Linda had no idea how Cindy was going to restore the video files, she believed that Cindy would succeed.

Paul divided the video files into two equal parts and gave them to Cindy and Lily Jiang, while Nelson hurried to his car to get Lily Jiang's laptop.

"Lily, I can copy the software and give it to you. This software was created by me. I think you understand the principle and application of it after you have a look. I'll be responsible for restoring half of the videos, and you'll be responsible for the other half. Now, let me just briefly explain how the software works."

Lily Jiang nodded and immediately opened her laptop. She didn't want to waste any time in such an emergency situation.

Cindy typed something on the keyboard too quickly for others to see. Then, Cindy opened a software in which everything was written in English.

No one in the lounge knew anything about Cindy's software, so all of them anxiously watched her.

"Cindy, when can you finish restoring the videos?" Charles asked, furrowing his eyebrows. The longer they took to find Little Potato and Little Tomato, the more danger they would be in.

Cindy pondered over it for a while and said,"If we start right now and work as fast as we can, we'll be able to restore everything within 40 minutes."

"That's so amazing, Cindy, that you can restore even these damaged video files," Anna gushed. In her mind, Anna thought about how remarkable Cindy was. "Well, of course I can," Cindy said absentmindedly, frowning.

She was busy working on the laptop. But at the same time, she said to

that her babies had been abducted was a great torment for her.

Charles stood beside Linda and put his arms around her waist. He was a calm man and seldom showed any expression on his face, so even though he was very worried, he just kept silent. The only thing that betrayed his true feelings was the fact that he had smoked 4 cigarettes. Charles seldom smoked, so Linda noticed this abnormality and understood his feelings.

Bun tried to call Brian again, but his phone was still switched off. Bun started to fidget too.

Linda didn't dare ask Cindy about how much progress they'd made. She knew that since Cindy had told her that she could restore the video files, she would be trying her best to do it as fast as possible. Besides, she didn't want to disturb Cindy's concentration.

Finally, after 40 minutes, Cindy patted the table, turned her head to look at Linda and said,"Done."

Everyone gathered around Cindy and began to watch the security camera footage. Now that all of the video files had been restored, Linda felt immensely grateful to Cindy and admired her skill.

As they watched the footage, they found that several masked men in black had entered the room and taken the babies away about an hour ago before heading west.

"Let's go to the West City Wharf now," Linda said immediately.

"Honey, you should go back home with the others now. I'll go to the wharf with Paul to check what those kidnappers want."

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