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   Chapter 564 Restore the Videos

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Despite Charles's comforting words, the amount of anxiety Linda felt didn't reduce even a little.

She paced anxiously around the room with her mind in a complete mess. She didn't know what to do.

The thought that her two babies might be in great danger tormented her every single second. Little Tomato and Little Potato were more important to her than even her own life. She wished that she was the one who was held hostage instead of her two babies!

Every minute waiting for some news made Linda more and more nervous. 'What should I do?' Those words kept echoing in her mind.

Although she was usually calm no matter what the situation was, she couldn't compose herself when it came to the safety of her two babies. She was so worried that she couldn't even focus her attention on trying to find a solution.

Fortunately, Charles was thinking straight even though he was feeling very anxious, too. "Paul, call our men now. Have them look at every single security camera in Holiday Karaoke Club. And arrange for some men to stop anyone from entering or exiting this club, and interrogate the customers here," he ordered calmly.

"Yes, Young Master!" Paul responded and immediately did as per his instructions.

Bun had already thoroughly searched every corner of this room, but now, at last, she found a piece of paper in Little Potato's baby cot. There were two letters written on it, M and T. There was also a fish drawn next to the letters.

'What does it mean? Is it a message left by the kidnappers who took Little Tomato and Little Potato away?' Bun wondered.

She immediately took the piece of paper to Linda, who looked at it and frowned, pondering over what it could mean.

What did the letters M and T stand for? And why was there a fish drawn next to them?

Charles noticed that there was also something written on the back of the paper, so he asked Linda to turn it over.

It said,"Hello, Young Master Mu and Lady Linda! I'm sure you two are very anxious while reading this piece of paper. I'm giving you two hours to find your dear children's whereabouts. If you can't arrive at the place where your children are within two hours, then I'm sorry to tell you that you might not be able to see them anymore. I've already given you a hint. Good luck to you! more thing! Lady Linda, you're so beautiful. I really love you so much."

Charles's face got darker and darker with each word he read, and the end of the message almost pushed him over the edge.

The man behind the scenes had not only kidnapped his dear children, but he was also bold enough to say such words to flirt with Linda.

Charles wondered who that guy could be. When he found out about his identity, he wouldn't let him off easily!

Meanwhile, Linda paid no heed to the last part

as she patted Linda's shoulders to comfort her.

A few minutes later, Paul transferred all the video files to a USB flash drive.

Then, he went to his car and took his laptop before returning to the VIP lounge.

Cindy switched on the laptop, plugged in the USB drive and began checking the files. When she clicked to open them, there were pop-up windows saying that the files were damaged and that the videos couldn't be played.

"I've glanced through the files. There are 17 security cameras in this KTV club, and the total size of the videos which were recorded tonight is about 30G.

That's a huge amount for me to restore all by myself. I'll need at least two hours to decode the data. I think I'll be able to restore them, so I'll give it a try. But it will take such a long time..." Cindy turned to Linda and explained.

"Two hours? That's too long! What should we do?" Linda said, frowning. Cindy needed at least two hours to restore the video files, so even if they managed to find the possible direction from the security camera footage, it would be too late. They wouldn't have enough time to arrive at the right location and apprehend the kidnappers.

The kidnappers had really thought of everything.

"Don't worry, Linda, we'll find a way. Do you guys have one more laptop here? I can teach Lily how to do it. Lily is also a computer expert, right? It's not difficult to decode them. I'll work out the source codes now, and Lily can help me with the files after that. We might be able to cut the time I need in half," said Cindy.

"I have a laptop!" Lily said. "I came here straight from school. I left the laptop in Nelson's car."

Although Lily was also good with computers, she'd never learned how to restore damaged videos, but she was happy to help in any way she could. Seeing Linda's worried face had made her feel helpless.

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