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   Chapter 563 Little Tomato and Little Potato Were Missing

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When he heard the ticking sound, Brian immediately let go of Bun and rushed to the trash can. Reaching inside slowly and carefully, he gripped the device and took it out of the trash can.

The device had a countdown timer and a red and blue wire attached to it.

It was a time bomb!

How could there be a time bomb planted in the trash can in such an ordinary KTV? Linda's mind went totally blank.

The music in the room had been so loud that they hadn't heard the ticking sound at all. If Cindy hadn't had a bad fall and kicked over the trash can by accident, they would have never found the bomb. At the end of the countdown, they'd have all been dead.

She didn't know much about time bombs, so she watched Brian with a solemn expression as he studied the device in his hands.

The timer showed that there were only nine minutes and fifty-seven seconds left before the bomb explosion.

The appearance of the bomb reminded Cindy of the many time bombs she had seen in movies and TV shows. Since there were two wires, as long as they cut the right one, the bomb wouldn't explode. She immediately blurted,"If we cut the right wire, the timer will stop and the bomb won't explode, right? Which one of you knows how to defuse a bomb?"

Although she didn't know which wire to cut off, she knew that they'd have to cut the right one to defuse the bomb. If they cut the wrong one, the bomb would explode at once. And since this was the first time she was seeing a real time bomb, she was panicking.

Fortunately, there was someone in the room who knew how to defuse a bomb. Brian had gone through bomb-defusing training in the army, so he was trying his best to identify what type of bomb it was. After studying it carefully, he asked Bun,"Bun, how fast can we get to the nearest seaside?"

Bun, who was familiar with this area, replied without hesitation,"This KTV is far from the seaside. It's over 40 kilometers away. You won't be able to get there in time."

"How about a lake? Is there any lake around here? Even a reservoir is okay! Or a big river!" Brian exclaimed desperately. It seemed that he had already identified what type of bomb it was. Holding it carefully in his hands, he started walking towards the door.

"Lake? Yes! Tai Lake is located five kilometers east of this KTV!" Bun replied.

"Good! I have to get over there at once to get rid of this bomb. You all go home immediately. Don't stay here any longer! It isn't safe here!"

Right after Brian finished speaking, he ran out of the room with the bomb in his hands.

have been knocked out. Luckily, they weren't dead.

When the fact that the twins were really missing registered in Linda's mind, she felt bile rise up her throat.

Charles, who had just stepped into the room behind Linda, was shaken by what he saw. He immediately ordered Paul to find out what had happened.

Paul rushed out to conduct an investigation at once. On the way, he also asked someone to take the men and women lying on the round to the hospital.

"What should we do? Our babies are missing," Linda said, on the verge of tears. She was very worried about the safety of her twins. If she'd been kidnapped, she would have been able to save herself with her dragon ring. But as for her beloved babies, they were only several months old. How could someone be so cruel as to take them away from her?

What if they got hurt? Linda would never be able to forgive herself if they did. Her heart ached as she thought of the danger her babies might be facing.

Looking at the worried look on Linda's face, Charles tried to comfort her, saying,"You need to keep calm. Don't panic. We need to pull ourselves together to find out what has happened."

Everyone else had followed Charles and Paul out of the KTV room after Linda had run out. They'd never imagined that something so terrible would happen today, especially when they were supposed to be having a good time.

One by one, they arrived at the VIP lounge.

When they all realized that the twins were missing, they didn't know how to comfort Linda. There was nothing they could say that would make Charles and Linda feel better. The children were their lifeblood. If anything happened to the twins, it would break everyone's heart.

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