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   Chapter 561 What An Exciting Scene

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By Mei Jiao Characters: 7985

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Charles squinted at Brian and said," What? You don't want your wife to follow your instructions for dare?"

"Of course I don't! Charles, please behave. Linda is sitting right there with you! What're you trying to do?" Brian said as he tightened his grip on Bun, as if Charles was a thief who would steal his beloved wife away. Charles could barely control his laughter seeing Brian's wary expression.

Linda had already understood Charles's intention. Since there was a rule that couples could exchange cards with each other, Charles was obviously meaning to force Brian to follow the dare instructions instead of Bun.

If Brian wasn't willing to see his wife embrace another man and say all those sweet words, he had to do it instead of her. Linda bit her lip and tried to control her laughter as she pictured the scene that Brian saying "Honey, I love you" to Charles.

It was so funny! She thought that it might turn out to be the most exciting moment of the whole night.

Seeing the amused expression on Linda's face, Anna also understood Charles's intention. She immediately took out her phone, getting ready to record what was going to happen. Bearing her laughter, she yelled at Brian," Master Brian, come on! Do it now! I'm ready to record your most precious moment!"

"Anna, it's so evil of you to add to my misfortune!" Brian said, glaring at Anna.

"Make a choice, Brian. Either Bun does the dare herself, or you do it for her," Charles urged Brian again firmly, giving him no chance to escape. A cunning smile spread across Charles's chiseled, handsome face.

It took Brian a few moments to mentally prepare himself for the most awkward moment of his life. Finally, he decided to do it himself. He would never allow another man to touch his dear wife. And since Charles was playing with them, Brian wouldn't be able to make any excuse to escape from doing the dare.

"Fine, Charles. What do you want me to do?" Brian asked, frustrated.

He cast his eyes downwards helplessly, looking as if he had just been forced to smell a baby's dirty diaper.

"I just want you to follow the instructions of your own dare. Don't you remember what you said?" Charles said slowly.

"Hey, buddy. How about we change the dare? I admit that what I said was very silly. It was just a joke! We don't need to take it so seriously," Brian said desperately, trying to talk Charles i

. He always spoiled her so much.

Finally, Lily began to give her instructions. "My question for truth is, out of all the people here, who do you have affection for?"

This question was actually easy for the couples, but would be difficult for the bachelors to answer.

And if Linda or Bun was chosen, their husbands could easily answer the question instead of them, too. Moreover, it wouldn't be exciting to hear the couples answer this question. What was the fun in hearing Linda say that she had affection for Charles?

So it would be more fun to hear Anna, Cindy or Paul answer this question.

But Linda had noticed Lily's signal to Cindy and was well aware of Lily's intentions. Lily's question was exclusively for the bachelors — Cindy and Paul, to be exact. It was going to be an interesting round...

As Linda looked at the laughing faces in the room, however, an uncomfortable feeling began to rise in her heart. She wasn't physically uncomfortable, but in her mind, she sensed that something bad seemed to have happened. It was similar to the feeling she'd had the moment before she was taken away and hurt by Amy Qi.

She always trusted her intuition, so this uneasy feeling distracted her attention away from the game, making her absent-minded for the rest of the game.

"Then what about your instruction for dare?" Brian asked.

"For the dare, the chosen people have to... kiss for at least five minutes without stopping!" Lily announced.

Brian widened his eyes and exclaimed," Wow! Five minutes? Good job, Lily. This will be the most exciting round tonight!"

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