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   Chapter 559 How Many Girlfriends had He Ever Made

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"Paul, come on. It would be fun if we all play together. It's just a Truth or Dare game. We're all friends here, and we won't go overboard," Linda said, trying to persuade Paul. It would be so boring if he just sat on one side watching everyone else play.

"My Lady, I..." Paul started, wanting to refuse again.

But Charles cut in,"Come, Paul. Let's play together."

Since his Young Master had invited him to join the game, Paul had no choice but to agree. He moved his chair to the table.

Funnily enough, the only vacant space was next to Cindy, so he placed his chair there and sat down.

Seeing Paul sitting right next to her, Cindy's face flushed bright red and her heart started pounding.

Paul was much taller than she was. The height difference between them gave Cindy a sense of security whenever she was with him, and it was one of the things she loved about him. She gazed at his side profile as her mind drifted away.

Even though they weren't in a relationship, it was exciting enough for Cindy to get to sit next to Paul and play a game with him. And not just any game, but Truth or Dare, with the rules that Brian had just explained to her.

Any one of the nine of them could draw the joker card. If Cindy was lucky enough to get it and lucky enough to choose the number of the card that Paul was holding, then she would be able to demand something from Paul. She already knew what she was going to ask Paul — a hug from him.

Linda, who was sitting next to Cindy, noticed Cindy gazing intensely at Paul as if she was going to swallow him up. Amused, Linda gave Cindy a slight push to snap her back to reality and asked,"Cindy, does Paul look like food to you? Are you going to eat him up? Why are you staring him like that?"

Hearing Linda's teasing, Cindy's face flushed even redder. Paul cleared his throat, feeling embarrassed sitting there.

"Linda, what are you talking about? I wasn't even looking at Paul, I was thinking about something. Don't say such nonsense," Cindy said, tilting her chin up at Linda.

Since Cindy seemed to be flustered, Linda gave up on teasing her.

Everyone at the table settled into their seats. They each had a glass of beer in front of them.

Since th

roblem was, there were three pairs of couples here. If the person who had the joker card could pick two random numbers, they'd most probably pick two people who weren't a couple.

For example, if Bun happened to pick Brian and Lily's numbers, and the instruction for "Dare" was to kiss each other, then of course there would be a problem.

But it was necessary to include instructions like "kissing", otherwise, the game would be boring.

So in the end, Charles added one more rule. "It's okay for a couple to exchange their cards," said Charles.

This rule would ensure that none of the couples would be put in an embarrassing situation.

Of course, this rule was only applicable to the three pairs of couples: Lily and Nelson, Charles and Linda, and Bun and Brian. But it wasn't applicable for the other three people, who were all single.

Hearing the word "couple", Lily blushed. Although she had been in a relationship with Nelson for several months, they weren't planning to get married yet. After all, she was still young and she hadn't finished her studies yet. She was hoping that they could get married after her graduation.

Nelson was patiently waiting for Lily's graduation too. Without a doubt, Lily was the only woman that he wanted to marry. But since she was still young and hadn't graduated yet, he couldn't marry her and bring her home now, so he had to wait, even though it was hard for him. How he hoped that he could marry Lily as soon as possible!

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