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   Chapter 557 You Are The Most Precious

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But the very next second, Linda realized that the joke in her mind could never materialize. She would never have the chance to laugh at Charles.

The moment Charles opened his mouth to sing the first line, she found herself holding her breath, and her whole attention drawn to him. There was pin-drop silence in the room since everyone else was also curious about how Charles's singing would sound.

As the melodious, deep and unique sound of Charles's voice echoed through the room, they all found themselves attracted to his magnetic voice. His singing wasn't just pleasant, it was amazing.

Linda, who hadn't expected that Charles could sing so well, thought to herself, 'Jesus! Not only is my husband handsome and rich, but he also sings so well. He's such an outstanding man!'

She couldn't take her eyes off of him. Still mentally gushing over him, she didn't notice that it was her turn to sing and instead continued to stare into Charles's eyes with admiration.

"Honey, it's your turn. I know that I'm handsome, and I'll give you plenty of time to appreciate me once we're back home; but now let's focus on the song, okay?" Charles teased her with a playful smile on his face. This side of him only came out when he was with Linda. The rest of the time, when he was in his company, he was cold and silent, and unwilling to talk much in front of others. That was the way he had always been.

But ever since Linda came into his life, he'd started smiling and enjoying life more. It was like his cold demeanor had been melted away by Linda's warmth.

"Bullshit! Huh!" Linda exclaimed, snapping herself out of her trance before beginning to sing her part.

Even though she knew the song well, it had been a long time since the last time she'd sung it.

She nervously cleared her throat, followed the rhythm and sang her lines. Everyone's jaw dropped in amazement when they heard her voice.

Although Linda seemed to be a little rusty in singing this song, her voice was still sweet and charming. There was a tinge of familiarity in her voice that stirred everyone's hearts.

"Oh, my god! I never knew that Linda could sing so well! She sounds even better than the original singer," Brian said. He couldn't help but marvel at Linda's singing as he sat in the corner of the sofa, holding Bun in his arms.

"Of course! That's my Lady Linda! This is my first time hearing her sing too, but I've always loved her voice. She sounds good even when she's just speaking," Bun said, resting her head on Brian's shoulder.

"Well, it seems there's something you don't know. Generally, people who have good speaking voices are bad at singing," Brian whispered into Bun's ear. The scent of her hair, which he was getting to smell af

ms of such hidden injuries might be bearable in youth, but they would become more and more obvious and unbearable with age.

Brian knew it well because he had many such injuries in his body too. He didn't care about the pain he would suffer, but Bun was the woman he loved, and he didn't want her to suffer any pain.

Finally realizing what Brian was worried about, Anna looked at the concern and worry in his eyes curiously. She was surprised to see how much he had changed. Brian had used to be a playboy with many women around him, but now it seemed that he was wholeheartedly in love with Bun. He was so considerate and thoughtful about Bun's health.

She'd never expected him to be like this before. Being a good friend of Bun's, Anna had been very worried when Bun had started dating Brian.

She'd been afraid that Brian wouldn't be serious with Bun and would break her heart. She'd never thought that they would actually get married one day. And now, they had such a solid relationship.

Maybe it was because of all the difficulties they'd experienced together that Brian cherished Bun even more. Anyway, there was one thing Anna and Paul had in common. If Brian ever dared to break Bun's heart, both of them would make his life miserable.

"Okay, I understand. I'll have Bun go through a check-up in the hospital in a few days. If I find any hidden injury, I'll help her cure it, so rest assured. I don't think there would be any problems. We human beings are always undergoing a process of metabolism. The body could be gradually strengthened by changing the daily diet and with some recuperative Chinese medicine."

Although Anna had majored in Western medicine when she was studying abroad, she had much interest in studying Chinese medicine. So after years of study, Anna was good at Chinese medicine too.

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