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   Chapter 551 I Know that You're Very Strong

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By Mei Jiao Characters: 7887

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The situation she was in reminded her of the first time she'd met Charles at the Crown Club. She had been pretending to be a waitress there in order to get Douglas Zhou's sign the contract.

But when she'd made a mistake and entered Charles's room instead, Charles had locked her arms against the wall exactly like he was doing now. She'd struggled hard but he'd been too strong for her.

Back then, she hadn't expected to meet Charles. It was fate that had brought them together.

And from that moment, their love story began.

Now, even though Linda usually complained about Charles's advances, she never physically fought against him because she loved him so much.

Charles even enjoyed her complaining, because this kind of banter increased the excitement and affection between them.

Soon enough, the bathroom was filled with heavy breathing and moans of pleasure.

The next morning, Linda didn't wake up until 10 o'clock. The servants had no intentions to disturb her rest, but since the babies had begun to cry, they'd had no choice but to wake her up to feed the babies.

When Linda slowly opened her eyes, she felt her whole body aching. Seeing Charles still asleep beside her, she thumped her fists on Charles's chest angrily.

Charles instantly opened his eyes and massaged his chest, acting as if her punches had really hurt him.

"Honey, you're awake? What's up? You've slept for only a few hours, so why do you look so energetic?" Charles asked as he rubbed his eyes. Although he looked sleepy, he was still so handsome that Linda almost forgot about her anger towards him. There were times when she still couldn't believe that this gorgeous man really was her husband.

Coming back to her senses, Linda rebuked him,"You have the nerve to say this after what you did last night? Have you forgotten about little potato and little tomato? I have to nurse your dear son and daughter, but all you care about is feeding yourself and satisfying your own lust. You don't care about them at all. Hmph!"

Linda's temper rose just thinking about last night. Charles hadn't let her sleep until 6 in the morning. She knew that he had restrained himself during her pregnancy, but did he have to have sex with her so excessively now just because of that? It seemed like that's all he wanted from her these days.

Hearing Linda's words, Char

er head and said,"No, no. They're not looking at me."

The flustered look on Linda's face made Cindy even more curious, so she asked Anna,"Anna, you tell me at least. Why are you both staring at my sister like that? And why did she glare back at both of you?"

"Are you sure you want to know?" Anna asked with a playful smile.

"Yes, of course!"

But before Anna could reply, Bun cut in. "Your brother-in-law hurt your sister again. Didn't you say that you would teach him a lesson? Do it now!" Bun's reply shocked Cindy.

Why had Charles hit Linda again? Cindy slammed her hand furiously on the table and asked,"Linda, did Charles bully you again? If it's true, I'm going to make him pay for this. How can he hit you? I hate all those men who hit women!"

While Cindy was finishing her sentence, Charles walked out of the bedroom. He asked with curiosity,"What are you talking about? Who hit a woman?"

Anna and Bun immediately stopped giggling, getting ready to sneak away. They'd just been playing with Cindy; they hadn't expected that Young Master would overhear their conversations. So it was better for them to run away now while they still could.

Charles would definitely teach them a lesson for trying to trick Cindy.

"My Lady, Young Master, we have some work, so we're leaving now," Bun said.

Then, without waiting for a response from Charles and Linda, they ran away as quickly as they could.

"Charles, I know that you're very strong. But how can you do something like this to my sister? I can't let this continue," Cindy said sternly.

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