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   Chapter 548 Brian Was Back

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Anna had correctly guessed that Linda was worried about what the Nalan clan family members would do if the surgery went wrong. Linda nodded and said,"Yes, that's my concern."

"You don't need to worry about it. They can't touch you. Not only are you the lady of the Nalan clan, but you're also the lady of the Xia clan and the Mu clan. They may try to put the blame on you if the surgery is a failure, but everyone knows that we've always put grandfather's health before anything else. So even if they try to portray us as the bad guys so that they can take possession of the Nalan clan's properties, we don't have anything to be afraid of. Whatever they do to try to frame you, we'll find a way to prove your innocence. All the family members of the Mu and Xia clans will support you. We're not afraid of them. The Nalan clan is no match for us, especially Rosy Nalan," Charles said with conviction. He was sure that they could take on the Nalan clan.

Linda knew that he was right. She'd had another realization just now; Lenny probably didn't care about Lord Nalan's surgery. After all, if something bad happened to him, Lenny would have the best chance of getting the Nalan clan's properties, so there was a good chance that Lenny didn't want his father to recover. If the surgery went wrong, all he'd need to do is to keep mum. Rosy would do all the dirty work to ruin Linda's reputation and take everything away. If Rosy failed, Lenny could step forward to stop Rosy as an elder.

This was a clever move. Even if Linda managed to expose Rosy's scheme, as long as Lenny came forward as an elder to mediate the dispute between Linda and Rosy, Linda wouldn't be in a position to punish Rosy. Even though Linda didn't see Lenny as an honorable elder, she still had to show him some respect, because, after all, he was still her uncle, her mother's elder brother.

However, if she was right about Rosy and Lenny scheming to get the Nalan clan's properties, she wouldn't hesitate to make cruel decisions when the time came so that she could bring them to justice.

On the day of Richard's surgery, Linda, Charles, Anna, Paul, and Bun went to the hospital together and waited outside the operation room. Before the doctors rolled Richard into the emergency room, Linda held his hand and looked at him carefully.

It had been two months since the unfortunate accident happened to Richard. Just seeing him hooked up to all sorts of machines made Linda feel sad. Even though she knew that he was unconscious, she felt that he must be uncomfortable like that.

Two months ago, Linda would never have imagined that something so horrible would happen to her grandfather. Although he was old, he'd been very healthy, but now he'd become a vegetable. It upset her very much to see him in such a state. She was sure that Rosy had something to do with his accident even though she didn't have any evidence to prove it. Every time she thought of her grandfather, her hatred towards Rosy grew.

"My Lady, they are going to perform t

high possibility that Lord Nalan will wake up one day," Bun said with relief.

The doctor had also reminded them that the companionship of family members was very important to Richard. Even though he was in a vegetative state now, there was a chance that he would still be able to hear their voices when they talked to him. There were many cases around the world where coma patients showed quick recovery after hearing the voices of their family members. Since Richard had always been fond of Linda, it might help if Linda visited him frequently. If they were lucky, Richard might even recover in less than a year.

Linda made up her mind to visit Richard every few days from now on. She would talk to him about the past and her newborn twins. In fact, even if Richard wasn't in a coma, those were the things she'd probably talk to him about. She hoped that he would get better soon.

"Let's go home and take rest," Linda told everyone. She was grateful that the others had insisted on waiting with her until the end of Richard's operation. She knew that since Charles had stayed home with her for almost a month, he had a lot of work to do in his office and he might have to get up early tomorrow. She felt a pang of guilt seeing the dark circles under his eyes.

Right after they stepped into the house, they heard a familiar voice calling out. "My darling Bun, have you miss me?"

Bun felt a sudden thrill just hearing the voice. She'd been so busy talking to Linda on their way back that she hadn't noticed that someone was inside the house.

Tears streamed down her face at once when she saw the man standing in the middle of the house.

"You're finally back," Bun said, gasping.

Brian walked up to Bun with a bright smile and held her tightly in his arms. "Yes, I'm back now," he said in a soft voice.

Bun couldn't help but sob. "When do you have to leave next?" she asked sadly. Every time she thought of the danger he might be in when carrying out a mission, her heart ached out of fear.

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