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   Chapter 544 Linda Just Recovered

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After hearing Charles, Bun nodded and left.

Charles went into the bedroom, closed the door and drew the curtain. He heard the water coming out of the shower nozzle inside the bathroom.

That must mean Linda was standing under the shower now. Somehow, the thought sexually aroused him and made him think about making love to her. While Linda was pregnant, Charles had restrained himself from having sex with her so that they wouldn't harm the babies. But now that Linda had already given birth, he couldn't wait to get her in bed again. Inside the bathroom, Linda suddenly heard someone open the bathroom door.

The bathroom was filled with steam and the glass was covered in mist, so she couldn't clearly see who was at the door.

"Bun, is it you?" Linda asked, confused. 'Did I forget to bring my clothes inside? Is Bun here to give them to me?' she thought to herself.

However, there was no reply from Bun.

Linda started to feel afraid, wondering if someone had entered the bathroom to harm her. But she soon realized that it was impossible, because the Mu clan's villa was heavily guarded and even a stray dog wouldn't be able to enter it, let alone someone who wanted to harm her.


After a while, Linda heard Charles greet her in a low, hoarse voice.

She was taken aback at first, but then she felt relieved knowing that it was just Charles. "You're back! I'm taking a shower now!"

"Well, I know, dear. I want to help you wash your body," Charles said, suddenly pulling open the glass door to the shower.

Linda was astonished to see him enter the shower.

She wasn't wearing any clothes at that moment.

"Get out right now. I'm taking a shower! Don't get any thoughts!"

Linda suddenly blushed and turned around. She still felt shy whenever she noticed Charles looking at her body like that, even though she had given him two kids.

"I really want to help you take a shower," Charles insisted, closing the door behind him.

After that, he wrapped his arms around Linda tightly.

It was said that a woman's body would become better than before after giving birth as long as she had a good rest and took enough nourishing f

. "What's up? Why are you looking at me like that? Is there something dirty on my face?" she asked.

She'd taken a shower only just now, so she believed that there wouldn't be anything dirty on her face.

"Linda, why are there marks on your neck? It looks like your neck has been bitten by a dog," Cindy said after swallowing a mouthful of congee.

Hearing Cindy, Bun looked curiously at Linda and also saw the marks on her neck. She couldn't help but laugh, knowing that Linda and Charles must have kissed and made love so passionately last night that Linda had marks to show for it.

"My Lady, you should remind Young Master to restrain himself. You're still recovering," Bun said.

Linda felt embarrassed and began to blush after hearing Bun. What Bun said was a bit familiar to Linda. She remembered that Bun used to say such words to her before.

"Bun? Do you want me to punish you?" she asked teasingly.

She wanted to use her collar to cover the marks on her neck, but then she realized that she was wearing a dress without a collar, so her neck was exposed. And now that the weather wasn't even slightly cool, she wasn't wearing a coat either, so she didn't have any way to cover the marks. She found herself in an awkward position.

Bun continued laughing and staring at Linda's neck. Cindy also gazed at her neck with curiosity. Linda felt so embarrassed that she rushed back to her bedroom without eating the breakfast.

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