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   Chapter 543 Taking A Shower

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Linda never got a call from Robert after the day they'd talked about the luminol reagent he had used in his house. She had thought that he would call her later to update her on what he had found, but he didn't, so she decided to ask Bun to find out what was going on in the Huo clan. She was afraid that something might happen to Robert as well.

Bun conducted the investigation right after Linda told her to. It took her only half a day to find out what was going on with Robert. "My Lady, Robert has gone to the UK with Lisa," reported Bun.

"What?" asked Linda confusedly. "When did they leave?"

"There days ago," replied Bun honestly.

Three days ago? Linda remembered that Robert had called her that very day.

'Did Robert find out who killed Alice Mei? Why would they leave so abruptly?

Now, the Huo's Group has fallen into Vincent's hands entirely. Why would Robert decide to leave with Lisa at this critical moment?' Linda had so many doubts in her mind.

Since Vincent was masquerading as Adam, he had complete access to the business of the Huo's Group. She was worried about Robert and she was also afraid that Vincent would take forcible possession of the Huo's Group.

She knew that she should expose Vincent's evil scheme, but she was afraid that Robert couldn't bear the fact that his beloved brother had been killed by Lisa and Vincent already. If Robert really had fallen in love with Lisa, this would hurt him badly.

"My Lady, it is easy to tell that it was Vincent or Lisa that killed Alice Mei. How could we let them walk away like this? The most ridiculous thing is that Vincent already has the full control of the Huo's Group. He'll definitely try to take ownership of the whole clan," said Bun seriously.

"But now that they've left the country, we don't know what Robert is thinking. I trust him. He must have thought about it thoroughly before making such a decision. If he has decided to give Lisa another chance, we should support him. After all, I really hope that he can find his own happiness," said Linda with a sigh.

Maybe what Robert really wanted was a family, and Lisa could give him that with the child she was carrying. Yes, Lisa had done some terrible things, but what if she was the only person who could make Robert happy? Linda could never bring herself to destroy other people's happiness. If she exposed Lisa and Vincent's crime without talking to Robert first, Robert would be deeply hurt. Linda could never do that to him. Robert would never want that as well.

Maybe he would rather choose to trust that Lisa truly loved him than to lose everything he had, including the baby she was carrying. Hopefully, Lisa was really in love with Robert. Even though the Huo's Group had fallen into Vincent's hands for now, it was comforting to know that the property

her elders' advice and stopped. One could never be too careful. She knew that they were afraid that she might get a cold, so she decided to bear with it.

When the day Linda was allowed to take a shower finally came, she couldn't wait to get started.

The prospect of being able to take a hot shower excited her. Looking at Linda preparing for the shower as if she was about to get dress and meet the president of the country, Bun wanted to laugh. Linda was glad that she could take showers whenever she wanted from now on.

She'd never thought that she'd be so excited to take a shower.

Right after she stepped into the bathroom, she took off her clothes. The past month, Linda had been worried that she would lose her figure. Luckily for her, Charles had thought ahead and hired several professionals to instruct her in doing a few exercises that would keep her in shape. Looking at her own body in the mirror, Linda felt relieved. It seemed that her skin was even better than before. Although there was still a small bump on her belly, she believed that she would be in better shape soon. But when her eyes fell on her hair, she felt a little uncomfortable just looking at it, so she stepped under the shower and turned on the tap. The feel of the water on her skin made her feel relaxed at once.

Meanwhile, Bun was waiting by the door of the bathroom in case something unexpected happened, like Linda slipped or fainted. Just then, Charles walked into the room. Bun greeted Charles with a smile and said," Young Master, you're home early today."

Charles nodded and replied," Where is Linda? She's not in bed."

"She is taking a shower," said Bun honestly.

Charles swallowed after he heard what Bun had said. Bun might not be able to notice, but there was a fire in his eyes. "You can take some rest. I'll wait for Linda here," Charles instructed Bun calmly.

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