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   Chapter 542 As Long As Lord Nalan wouldn't Wake Up

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But after a second thought, Lisa believed that a good man like Robert wouldn't abandon her while she was pregnant with his baby. Lisa finally felt a little bit relieved after thinking about this.

On the other hand, Robert hadn't fallen asleep yet. He had his eyes closed, but he was feeling too distressed and guilty to fall asleep. He felt sorry for Alice and her husband.

Baffled, he didn't know what he should do next and whether he should report the case to the police. If he told the police, his family would definitely fall apart, which was the last thing he ever wanted to see. It didn't matter whether the murderer was Lisa or Adam, the point was that one of them, Robert's own family members, would have to accept the legal punishment if the truth behind Alice's disappearance was revealed.

If the murderer was Adam, and Robert himself was the one who exposed his brother's crime, their parents would be heartbroken when they came back home and saw Adam in jail.

If the murderer was Lisa, their baby would be miserable growing up without a mother. Even though Lisa was a pregnant woman, she wouldn't be able to get away with her crime.

She might be put on probation until she gave birth to the baby. But after the childbirth, she would have to serve dozens of years of imprisonment in jail.

The thought tormented Robert too much. Lisa was his wife, the Lady of the Huo clan, and also his baby's mother. How could he bear seeing her rot away in jail for so many years?

He couldn't be so cruel to her!

Making up his mind, Robert suddenly turned around and wrapped his arms around Lisa's waist. "Honey, I'm going to let Adam handle the company's business. Let's go abroad together. I'm very tired!" said Robert.

"Okay, I agree. Haven't we already agreed on living abroad? We can leave as soon as possible. We can forget all the troublesome things and live a peaceful life there. What do you think?" Lisa said excitedly.

Robert nodded his head and hugged Lisa tighter. He buried his face into her chest and said," Lisa, please change back to your original appearance."

Hearing his words, Lisa's body trembled in surprise, but she nodded and said," Okay, I will."

During the following month, Robert had his villa redecorated again. Then, he gave the company's executive right to Adam, authorizing him to take charge of the whole company.

Ignoring all the messy, annoying matters in SH City, Robert took Lisa

for us to fight her," Jessie explained.

"What do you mean? Kill my grandfather? How can we manage to do that? My grandfather is still in the Mu clan's private hospital now! We have no way of getting him out of their hospital,"

Rosy said gloomily.

Patting Rosy's head, Jessie said," You silly girl. I didn't ask you to get your grandfather out of their hospital. You can just find some way to kill him right there. Understand? Linda won't be prepared for this. They won't ever expect that we will kill Lord Nalan right under their noses."

Looking at the perplexed expression on Rosy's face, Jessie shook her head. Why couldn't Rosy understand what she was saying?

She was already being straightforward enough.

After chewing on Jessie's words, Rosy finally understood her meaning. A happy smile gradually crept across her face, and she said," So you mean that if we can't get my grandfather back in my hands, then I should make him die while he's in Linda's hands? If my grandfather dies in their hospital, we can frame Linda and let the public know about it. Right? Dead men tell no tales. If my grandfather is dead, then the Nalan clan's assets and properties will belong to us."

"Yes, exactly. You're not stupid," Jessie said as she nodded to her.

Rosy's gloom and anger instantly disappeared. With a big and happy smile, she held Jessie's hands and said cheerfully," Jessie, you're so clever. Let's go. I'm taking you to a high-class restaurant. We can have steak together. It's not easy to book a table in that expensive restaurant, but I'll do it for you. It's my treat to thank you for your help!"

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