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   Chapter 538 Return to Alma Mater

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"I don't think it will be a big deal for you to get a bottle of luminol. Go back home and do a luminol test in every corner of your house. Even if the crime scene has been cleaned up and the traces of blood are too tiny to see with the naked eye, the luminol will still be able to detect it. If the luminol test proves that there are traces of bloodstains in your house, then there's a good chance that Alice Mei was killed at your house and that the murderer is either Lisa or your brother, Adam," said Linda.

After mentioning Adam's name, Linda paused for a short while and then added,"Um...Robert, there's another matter that I'm hesitating whether I should tell you about. I'm afraid that it will make you very upset." Linda didn't want to shock Robert with the fact that his real brother was already dead and the Adam in his house was a brutal butcher, so she had to choose her next words carefully. She was afraid that Robert wouldn't be able to accept it and end up breaking down. Moreover, Lisa was pregnant with his baby. If the truth was revealed to him, the relationship between Lisa and him would be over.

However, Linda thought that she'd better prepare him for the shock and grief of Adam's death. It wasn't necessary for her to reveal the truth to him now, but she could at least give him a few hints.

The truth would come to light sooner or later. Robert would find it out one day.

Hearing Linda's hesitant words, Robert furrowed his brows and asked,"What is it? Linda, please tell me everything you know."

After a pause, Linda sighed and said,"I'm sorry. I can't tell you everything. But I can give you advice. That is to investigate your brother thoroughly!"

"What do you mean by that?" Perplexed, Robert wanted to get more information from her, but then he noticed the tiredness painted on Linda's face. She was probably still weak after the childbirth and felt tired easily, so he had to restrain his curiosity to ask more about it.

"Never mind," he added immediately. "I think you're tired now. I shouldn't interrupt your rest. Thanks for your help. Please have a good rest, and I'll get going now."

Linda nodded and said in an apologetic voice,"Okay. I'm sorry that I'm not able to have a longer conversation with you. I'm still recovering from the childbirth. But Robert, please feel free to contact me any time if you need my help."

Linda's words touched Robert's heart. He had mi

back here today?"

"I'm coming here to visit Professor Zhang."

Professor Zhang was Robert's mentor.

"I see. Oh, right. Professor Zhang has moved from Building C to Building D in the Faculty Dormitory. Um...if I remember correctly, his room number is 1020," said David.

Professor Zhang used to live in a room on the seventh floor, but since he was getting old, for his convenience, the school had arranged a new dormitory on the ground floor for him.

"Okay, thank you, David."

Luckily for Robert, David was on duty tonight, or his whole journey here might have been a waste of time. That's why he had come to greet David first; he didn't have his professor's phone number with him anymore.

David was familiar with Robert because of Linda. When they were students here, Linda always came to chat with David, and gradually, David got to know Robert too. Robert greeted him every time he walked past the security room.

Now, Robert bid farewell to David and went straight to Professor Zhang's room. Most of the people living in Building D of the Faculty Dormitory were teachers of the university now.

When Professor Zhang opened the door, he was surprised and happy to see that Robert had come to visit him.

Robert had been his favorite student back then.

He had expected Robert to become a teacher in this university or further study here when he graduated. However, Robert's parents insisted on sending him abroad for his higher studies. Even now, Professor Zhang thought it was a pity that Robert couldn't stay and work with him anymore, but he was genuinely happy to see Robert again.

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