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   Chapter 536 Investigation

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Lisa nodded to Robert. She didn't think too much, because she knew that he'd been very busy with work lately.

"Okay, don''t worry about me and just continue with your work. Oh, I need to go to the hospital tomorrow for prenatal care. Will you have time to come with me?" Lisa asked with a mixture of anticipation and unease.

"I'm sorry. I might not have the time tomorrow. But I promise you that I'll come along the next time you go for prenatal care, okay? I'll send someone to pick you up and escort you to the hospital tomorrow, " said Robert.

Although upset, Lisa nodded her head in agreement. She knew that she had to remain calm no matter what. She couldn't get angry and risk any harm to her baby.

Now, the baby in her womb was the only bargaining chip she had to make Robert stay by her side. Lisa suddenly thought of the marriage certificate she had registered with Robert using a fake identity card and a fake household registration booklet.

At that time, she'd had no choice but to use Linda Xia's identity to marry Robert. It was impossible to marry him using her own name. Now, thinking of the marriage certificate made her anxious, because Lisa Xia wasn't Robert's legal wife!

So just as Robert was leaving, she asked, "Honey, can we go and register our marriage as soon as possible?"

"Haven't we already registered our marriage?" asked Robert bluntly.

"I was using Linda's name at that" Lisa stammered.

"Okay, I see, " Robert said simply before putting on his coat and getting ready to leave. Lisa carefully observed his facial expressions and felt relieved when she couldn't find the slightest trace of impatience on his face.

She helped Robert button his coat and then watched him leave the villa. Finally, she heaved a sigh of relief after Robert was gone. Earlier today, she'd had a bad feeling that something was going to go wrong. And indeed, Robert had begun to be suspicious about Alice's whereabouts. After all, Alice had been missing for nearly three weeks now.

Vincent arrived at the villa half an hour later. When he saw Lisa's pale face, he asked with worry, "Lisa, what happened? You look pale. Are you okay?"

Lisa shook her head and said, "Everything's fine with me. But Robert asked me about Alice's whereabouts earlier today."

"Did you answer him as I told you to? As long as you pretend to know nothing about it, everything will be fine, " said Vincent.

"Yes, I know, but...I feel

and got dressed. Generally, it was the tradition that a mother who had newly given birth would spend most of the time lying in bed for some time in order to restore her health. But Linda felt that it wasn't appropriate to meet Robert while she was lying in bed, so she moved to sit on the sofa.

Robert came into the room and, upon seeing Linda's ruddy and beautiful face, his eyes glimmered with affection. Even though there was a woman with the same face in his house, nothing was comparable to the real one in front of him now.

It belonged to the real Linda, whom he'd never have the chance to get in his life.

Seeing the real Linda made him realize how much difference there was between Lisa and her. Robert had always deceived himself when he was together with Lisa. He had deliberately been blind to the difference between them.

At that time, he hadn't wanted to think too much about why Linda's character and mannerisms had changed. As long as he could have Linda by his side, he didn't care how she acted. Thinking about it now, he realized how ridiculous it was. He hadn't even been able to figure out that the Linda he'd been with was a fake one. Or maybe he'd sensed it but just refused to wake himself up from his good dream.

"Linda, how are you doing now? I've come to visit you and your babies, " Robert finally said, coming back to his senses.

Linda nodded and said with a smile, "I'm doing very well, Robert. Thank you for coming to see me."

Linda really was pleased to see Robert again. Even though she didn't like Lisa, she'd always thought of Robert as a friend. Nothing could mess their friendship up.

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