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   Chapter 535 The Woman He Loved Had Another Man's Babies

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By Mei Jiao Characters: 7855

Updated: 2019-01-14 00:07

While seeing Lisa cry, Robert comforted her, "I trust you. I didn't mean to hurt you. It doesn't matter if you have no idea about it. I'm just worried about Alice because she has gone missing."

"She is missing? What happened to her? Didn't she go back to her own house?" Lisa said after pretending to ponder for a little while.

Hearing Lisa, Robert began to doubt her again, wondering why she knew that Alice returned home. He remembered that he didn't give the letter to anyone to read, but Lisa could guess where Alice could have gone, which made Robert become suspicious of her all of a sudden.

Robert didn't ask her any more questions. He believed that no matter how he asked Lisa, she would not tell him anything. Thus he had to investigate this matter by himself.

Since Lisa intended to hide the secret from him, she would just pretend not to know anything and Robert would be unable to get any useful information from her.

"Honey, don't be angry. I didn't mean to blame you. Come on. Let's make dumplings. Do you know how to cook dumplings?"

Robert changed the topic. He had been very lonely and sad, and he hoped that he could have a happy family one day and perhaps get rid of such a bad feeling. Now that Lisa was pregnant with his child, he could lead a peaceful life with her and their baby. Perhaps that was the biggest dream that he had in his life.

"Well, I don't really know how to cook dumplings. Hahaha!"

"Don't worry. I can teach you." Robert smiled and touched Lisa's head with affection. At that moment, Lisa became excited and nervous that her heart raced. In Lisa's eyes, Robert was very handsome, elegant and charming. She was deeply infatuated with him. And now, it looked like he had started warming up to her.

"Honey, will we also be happy like this in the future? Will we be together all our lives?"

Lisa asked with a hopeful voice.

Robert hesitated a little upon hearing her. He frowned and said, "Yeah. We will live happily together for the rest of our lives. Our baby will be born soon, and we can have a happy life with our child then."

"Do you want our baby to be a boy or a girl?"

"Whether our baby is a boy or a girl, I will love him or her with all my heart."

Lisa felt at ease and pleased after hearing him.

At that moment, a piece of news which was broadcast on TV drew the

th some things. I need to supervise several important projects in person."

"You can hand this kind of project over to your brother. After all, you will let him take over the company sooner or later, right?" Lisa said casually.

Her words again aroused Robert's suspicion. "Honey, do you really want me to hand over the company to him? You seem so keen on Adam managing the company so soon."

Without understanding what he actually meant, Lisa just nodded and said, "Of course I want you to do that. If you let him take charge of the company, you can spend more time staying with me."

"Even if I don't hand it over to him, I can still keep you company! I'm afraid that he isn't willing to accept the company as it is still in a huge mess at present. I don't want him to be unhappy because of that."

In Robert's heart, Adam was still his dearest brother. Although he was very angry and disappointed when he found out that Lisa often went into his brother's bedroom and that they had a close relationship, he didn't have the heart to reprimand his own brother for that.

Lisa realized that what she said just now had raised doubts in Robert's mind, so she decided not to put a good word for Vincent this time. "Well, I will definitely support you no matter what you do. "

After hearing her, Robert gently touched her head and wore a smile on his face, but with his brow slightly furrowed, he also seemed depressed.

"Thank you, dear. And thank you for the dumplings. You can take a good rest while I'm away. I have to go to the office now, " he said.

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