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   Chapter 534 Where's Alice

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At the thought of Lisa, Robert felt like his head was pounding. Did Lisa have anything to do with Alice's disappearance? Why had Alice gone missing all of a sudden? Robert felt his heart pounding through his chest. He did not feel very good thinking further about the possibilities.

Unable to remain calm, he quickly cleared the papers on his desk, put on his coat and drove back home.

When he arrived home, Robert saw that Lisa was busy cooking in the kitchen.

Wearing an apron, Lisa was chopping shepherd's purse - a kind of vegetables, in the kitchen.

As Lisa heard the door opening, she turned around to see Robert. She ran up to him, wiping her hands on the apron, and she said with a big smile, "Honey, you're back home. Wait for a while. I am making some dumplings for you, with shepherd's purse and pork in them. It's one of your favorites, isn't it?"

"Why do you want to cook dumplings all of a sudden?" Robert asked, confused.

The word "honey" was so familiar to Robert. He had heard Lisa address him this way many times in the past months. But now, looking at Lisa wearing the same face as Linda's, Robert felt that something was very strange. He could not pinpoint what it was but something was wrong.

It was the same appearance, but beneath it was totally a different heart. From the moment Robert knew the woman in front of him wasn't the real Linda, his feelings towards this face had drastically changed, no matter how hard he tried to make it stay the same. He got even frustrated because he started to have no idea who he really loved. Was it Linda? Linda's face? Or maybe Lisa?

"Alice has gone home, right? I think we need someone else to do the cooking around here. Just like in a normal, warm family. I would like to cook for you from now on."

Lisa's words struck a chord in Robert's heart.

Once, someone told him that if a woman was willing to cook for a man and give birth to that man's child, then this woman must be crazy in love with him.

What Lisa had said and done made Robert believe that she indeed loved him deeply. However, it was still hard for Robert to accept her way of getting into a relationship with him. She had changed her face to look like Linda's. That was what brought them together in the first place.

"You're pregnant. Please don't tire yourself out. I'll hire another housemaid very soon, " Robert said as he shook his head. At this moment, he felt that it might be just alright to live with Lisa this

But in truth, her heart was pounding. She was not used to telling lies, especially in front of the man she loved so much. Under Robert's intensive gaze, Lisa was having a hard time to make the lie sound plausible. But she had to try her very best to make up the story. If Robert knew that Alice had died, everything would be over.

Every hope, everything she held dear in her life would vanish into thin air. So all she could do now was to pretend to know nothing about it.

Vincent had told her that all the bloodstains in the room had been carefully cleaned. Alice's corpse had also been badly mutilated and thrown away. Not a mark or fingerprint of Vincent and Lisa was left on Alice's corpse. The security camera of the villa's door was also damaged, so no one would find out any evidence of their crime. Alice had disappeared from this world without a trace.

"Really? Honey, you know nothing about it? Please be honest with me. Do you know where Alice has exactly gone? Or, is Alice still..."

Robert wasn't able to finish his question.

He was afraid to ask and scared to hear any answer that he didn't want to hear.

Lisa pushed Robert away and confronted him with a look of disbelief, "Honey, you haven't the slightest trust in me! How can you suspect me like this? See? I'm pregnant now. I am in a weak health. Do you think that it's possible for me to kill Alice, who is such a healthy and strong woman?"

As she spoke, Lisa couldn't hold back her tears anymore. She was already hurt when Robert suspected her relationship with Adam, who was in fact her brother, Vincent. And now, she was faced with Robert's distrust again.

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