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   Chapter 533 Alice Could Not Write

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Sobbed Cindy, as she wiped her tears away.

"Paul? What did he do to you? He is a nice man and would never make anyone cry!" Anna felt a bit confused, "What happened, exactly?"

"I told him that I wanted him to be my boyfriend, but he just ignored me and left, " said Cindy, wiping her face dry.

Anna was dumbfounded with what she just heard. She was gone only for a few days and didn't expect that when she came back, Linda's younger sister would be going around, chasing Paul and even confessing her feelings for him. No wonder Paul left her crying like that.

Cindy went on, "Paul is such a nerd. I told him that I liked him, but he told me to stop saying that. He even said that he had no time for such shallow things with me."

'Well, Paul is indeed a nerd.' Anna agreed in her mind. 'If he had been braver and told Bun that he loved her, Bun could have been his wife now.' She didn't tell Cindy about this, though. The whole thing had already passed and there was no need to mention it again.

It would be best not to bring it up again.

"Well, stop crying. And ewww! The floor is very dirty! Why are you squatting on it? Please stand up quickly!" She held out her hand for Cindy to hold and pull her up.

"Anna, I really like Paul. What should I do now? He is very aloof and always keeps his mouth shut. I mean he never talks to me first!" Paul might be the first man that Cindy liked. She had never fallen in love with any other man before and this may all be new to her. She probably didn't know how it actually felt having a crush on a man. She just felt that Paul was a good man and it was really nice to have him around.

Sometimes, people would fall in love at first sight. They thought they were certain that the person they fell in love with for the first sight was the right person for eternity.

"It doesn't matter. Although Paul is quiet and a super nerd, he is a nice man, " Anna said with a smile. She guessed that Cindy still hadn't heard about Bun and Paul's tragic love story, and she was hesitant whether she should tell Cindy that Paul wouldn't accept her because he had someone special in mind. However, it wasn't her secret to tell.

While Anna was still hesitating, Cindy said, "That's right, but he loves someone else. It might be difficult for me to win his heart and make him fall in love with me!"

Anna was surprised and asked, "You know about that?"

"Know what? You mean that thing between Paul and Bun?"


"I of course know that. My sister has told me that Paul likes Bun. But he never told Bun his love for

to go to school, so we didn't learn to write. We could read a little, but we didn't write. If she got the chance to receive any education, she could have found a better job and might not have worked as a servant in your house."

Robert took a deep breath and said to Alice's husband, "You go home and ask around first. I will ask people to investigate this matter and I will let you know. If you find out anything, let me know as well."

Alice's husband became much more worried after he heard Robert's instructions. He guessed before that Alice didn't call him perhaps because there was something wrong with her phone, or perhaps because she was too busy.

That was why he left home and came over just to see Alice and check if she was all right. He didn't expect that he wouldn't be able to see her this time. He got very restless, wondering where she could be.

He also learned from Robert that Alice left a letter and said that she would go back home, but she hadn't gone back at all! 'Has something bad happened to her on the way home?' thought Alice's husband.

"Master Robert, what do you mean by that? What's going on with my wife?"

"She left a letter to me three weeks ago and I learned from the letter that she decided to quit her job and go back home, " replied Robert.

He didn't tell Alice's husband the reason why she quit her job, because he felt ashamed of what happened to his family and didn't want others to know it.

After he comforted Alice's husband for a while, Alice's husband went back home.

Alice was missing. Robert sat in his office chair, lost in thought. He felt that this new development was so weird. Suddenly, he thought of Lisa, wondering if she had anything to do with it.

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