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   Chapter 532 Do You Like Men or Women

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By Mei Jiao Characters: 10193

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"We should never, ever let Vincent off so easily, " said Charles in a serious voice.

Over the past couple of months, Linda had been pregnant and Charles had been busy taking care of her, so he didn't bother dealing with Lisa and Vincent yet. Lucky for Linda and Charles, even though they had been ambushed on their way to the hospital, Linda was able to give birth to the twins safely. However, this time Lisa and Vincent were way out of line. The reason why Linda had forgiven Lisa before was because back then Lisa was manipulated by Adam and Lisa didn't really mean to harm her. It seemed that Linda was wrong. Lisa and Vincent might have planned to murder her on her way to the hospital, a long time ago. There was an old saying, kindness to the enemy is the cruelty to ourselves. It was time to make them pay for their crimes.

Linda was silent for a second and said, "Paul, ask WSS to conduct an investigation on Vincent. Vincent and Lisa had killed Adam Huo. Now Vincent underwent a cosmetic surgery and has been masquerading as Adam, living in the Huo clan's house for quite some time now. As long as we present clear pieces of evidences, we can bring these two criminals to justice. Murder is already a heinous crime but killing someone and stealing his identity like that is a whole new level. That is an intentional homicide and the consequences are going to be particularly serious."

Linda was starting to regret letting Lisa off so easily. Even though Lisa was pregnant, it didn't mean that she had changed.

Linda had been being too kind to them before. She even believed that they had reformed. If they hadn't done such horrible things this time, Linda would have cut them some slack and forget the whole thing. What they had done this time was so unforgivable that Linda couldn't sit still. They tried to kill her while she was in labor. What the hell?! How could anyone do something like that? The consequences of this matter would be great, but they had asked for it! Now they would also have to pay for the crimes they had committed before, because while Linda was trying so hard to forget the past by letting them go, they didn't cherish her forgiveness.

Before this happened, Linda had promised Lisa that if she could undo the cosmetic surgery and if Robert forgave her, Linda would let her off. Linda was hoping that Lisa could feel remorse for the evils that she had done, and make a fresh start with Robert. After all, she was pregnant with his baby now. If Robert could forgive her, Linda wouldn't stand in their way. But the situation had completely changed. This time, Lisa definitely had to pay for her crimes.

"Yes, My Lady, " Paul nodded and then walked out of the room. Since Sarah had also sent someone to ambush them, he decided to carry out an investigation on her as well.

When Paul walked out of the room, he saw Cindy going through his computer again. Paul had been carrying the computer with him, but before he went into Charles and Linda's room, he placed the computer by the door.

Paul felt nervo


"Yes, there is. If you like men, we can be buddies. If you like women, can you be my boyfriend?"

He was stunned by what Cindy just said. He struggled to break away from her again and said, "Miss Xie, I know you like jokes, but please stop joking about this. I'm really busy." Then he was able to pry himself free and strode away in a hurry.

Cindy was so upset about his answer that she squatted down and began to cry. She couldn't believe that. It was the first time that she had ever confessed her love to someone, and all she got was a cold shoulder?

Just then, Anna was walking to Linda's room with a bowl of congee. She felt surprised to see a girl squatting down outside Linda's room. Anna was on duty when they went to the airport to pick Cindy up, and she was very busy lately, so she hadn't officially met Cindy.

But she had heard that Linda's sister would come over to visit her. Anna presumed that this young girl must be Linda's little sister. Since Charles and Linda's room was guarded strictly, not just anyone could walk near their room. It had to be someone close to them.

Anna had been busy doing physical examination of Lord Nalan when Linda was in labor, so she didn't have time to take care of Linda. She needed to put all her energy into it.

She just came back this morning.

"Are you...Miss Xie?" Anna asked cautiously.

Hearing someone call her name, Cindy raised her head. Although the woman seemed to know her, Cindy had no idea who she was. "Sorry, who are you?"

"My name is Anna. I'm a doctor. I am one of the doctors taking care of your sister, Linda, " said Anna. She asked a servant to bring Linda the congee, and then walked up to Cindy to lift her up. "What are you doing here? Why are you crying?" asked Anna worriedly.

Cindy was Linda's sister, and she was a guest here. No one would be hard on her. How could she end up crying outside Linda's room? Her red eyes and face showed that she had been crying for a while. Anna was curious about what had happened to her.

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