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   Chapter 531 How Could She Let Vincent Off

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In the baby cot next to Linda's bed, the two babies were sleeping quietly. Sometimes, they would rub their faces with their cute, little hands, as if they were having good dreams. Their lovely faces touched Linda's heart. She gazed deeply at them, feeling genuinely warm and happy.

The four elders had already left the hospital after they made sure that Linda and the babies were safe. Linda was still in weak health after childbirth, so they didn't want to stay there too long, disturbing Linda's rest. She just needed Charles's company now.

In general, Linda's delivery went smoothly. She had suffered great labor pains as she insisted on having a spontaneous vaginal delivery instead of having a Cesarean Section, because she believed that the babies would be healthier and stronger if they were born in a natural way.

Moments later, Linda felt tired and sleepy. As this was the Mu clan's private hospital, which was well guarded by a lot of security staff, Bun thought that Linda would be safe there. Unlike what had happened on the road earlier, no one would be able to come inside the ward and hurt Linda. So Bun also took Cindy out of the ward, leaving Charles alone there to take care of Linda.

Charles cautiously helped Linda lie down on the bed and then sat down on the bedside, gently holding her hand and looking at her sleeping face.

Although her face was still a little bit pale after childbirth, it didn't reduce her beauty but actually left a nice motherly glow. She looked like an angel, with peace painted across her sleeping face.

It was such a lovely scene that Charles would never feel tired of looking at it for the rest of his life.

Charles swore in his mind that he would protect Linda well. Recalling the dangerous incident that happened earlier, he still felt quite scared.

Luckily, Cindy had been there to help stall the enemies and slow their attack time. The couple of minutes that Cindy had gained for them saved Linda's life.

If Cindy hadn't been with them today, the result of this story would've been a whole lot different.

Now Charles knew that he owed Cindy a lot. At first, Charles actually didn't like her very much, because she always acted childishly and made awkward and silly mistakes, stirring up trouble. He had never blamed her only because she was Linda's younger sister.

But this time, Cindy came in handy at the most crucial moment. Charles was really impressed. Despite her usual naughty attitude, she was actually a very smart and kind-hearted girl.

Eventually, Charles also felt fatigue after experiencing all these things. It had been a long night and it was already early morning and the sun would be up soon. He ha

fficulties in getting more information about them. Earlier today, we finally found some clues indicating that Vincent Zhou might be their boss..." said Paul.

"Vincent Zhou?"

Linda asked in surprise. She didn't expect that it was Vincent Zhou who had done it.

Linda had someone secretly install a bug, a hidden microphone in May's jail cell. On the day when Lisa visited May, Linda had listened in on their conversations. Their tones, their words showed that they had realized their wrongs and they would change for the better. Their attitudes seemed to be quite sincere.

They also said that Vincent had known his sins and he was very regretful of what he had done. After overhearing Lisa and May's conversation, Linda had decided to let Vincent off. He had started his new life, so Linda would just give him a chance.

However, it now seemed that Linda was wrong. A leopard would never change its spots. Vincent was still the same vicious and cruel person as he always had been.

Linda hadn't revenged on him, but he was so bold to take the initiative to endanger her. It did not matter whether Lisa was involved in it or not, Vincent's actions meant to kill Linda, and her babies. If she hadn't been able to give birth to the babies successfully, her dear daughter and son, little tomato and little potato would've been dead by now.

The past memories surged in Linda's mind now. This was not the first time that Vincent wanted to kill her. She remembered that Vincent had kidnapped her and tied her on the arm of a large derrick, with a time bomb fixed to her body. She almost lost her life that time! At the thought of it, Linda couldn't help but mock at herself. How could she believe that such an evil man would really want to start a new life? How could she let Vincent off?

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