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   Chapter 530 Being Safe And Sound

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"What? What do you mean? We're still in danger. When they finish fighting, they will certainly come back to attack us, " Cindy said, feeling hopeless.

"Cindy, don't worry. This time, you have done a good job. The Mu Security Team will arrive here in about one minute. Thanks to you, we now only have to stay low for for 60 seconds while those men will fight for their lives and forget about us, " said Linda. Bun put her hands on Linda's waist to support her, trying to make her comfortable. She was still in pain after all.

Cindy felt confused after hearing the Mu Security Team over and over again, having no idea of what Linda meant. She did not know who or what the Mu Security Team was. Also, she hated that they could do nothing but wait for help. And after the fighting was over, the victorious group would surely come back to cause the trouble that they meant to cause in the first place. What if they could make it before the Mu Security Team came to their rescue?

At the thought of this, Cindy stared at Paul, looking pitiful and mystified. She hoped that Paul could explain everything to her, but Paul just cast a glance at her, with no intention of saying anything.

"You are such a mean man. Just shutting down when you don't want to tell me anything." Cindy was very furious while seeing that Paul was so indifferent to her.

After a short while, the Mu Security Team members arrived in full gear.

To ensure the safety of Linda, this elite team members were armed with high caliber weapons and world class training.

They drove their best car at top speed and headed for the place where Linda and Charles were surrounded and blocked. As soon as they reached the spot, the 23 members systematically got out of the car. When the two groups of men, who were fighting, saw the Mu Security Team, they glanced at each other and then quickly ran towards their cars.

They knew that they would never be able to defeat the Mu Security Team since there were so many of them. Besides, if they insisted on fighting with them, they might end up getting killed. The Mu Security Team was a tough group to mess with. Thus all of them went running to their cars and quickly fled.

In such dangerous situations, thinking only of their own safety, they just wanted to escape. They were hooligans for hire but none of them would actually want to be killed.

When he made sure that all of the attackers were gone, the team leader of the Mu Security Team immediately ran up to Charles and asked, "Young Master, are you all right?"

Charles shook his head and replied, "My wife is about to give birth. Driv

feeling now?" asked Cindy.

"I'm fine."

After Cindy just finished speaking, Donna scolded her, "Your sister is very weak now. Don't disturb her. Don't crowd her for now."

Cindy felt a bit embarrassed and pouted.

"Mother, Cindy helped us a lot today. We might not have been able to get to the hospital without her help." Linda immediately put in a good word for Cindy as she saw Cindy's pursed lips which amused her.

After hearing Linda, Cindy seemed less pensive.

"What happened? Did you come across any danger? Were you attacked?" James immediately asked upon hearing what Linda said.

Charles nodded and said, "We were besieged and attacked by two groups of people. While we waited for the Mu Security Team to arrive and rescue us, Cindy helped us stall them for some time. Thanks to her, we could get away from danger and get to the hospital in time."

Now that their parents were there, Charles didn't tell them that Paul drove the car to the road green belt and all the other details. If he let them know, they would be very worried.

"It turns out that Cindy was a hero today." Donna, who looked nervous earlier, began to smile, feeling relieved.

Keeping silent, Johnson sat aside with a smile on his face. He looked at Linda with satisfaction and felt delighted when he saw that Charles and his family treated her so well. He once regretted allowing Linda to marry Charles and wondered whether Linda could be happy with him in that house, because Linda and Charles hardly knew each other when they were told that they were going to marry.

Now he found that Linda was very happy and believed that he made the correct decision. If he prevented Linda from marrying Charles before, he might be very regretful now.

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