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   Chapter 529 Thanks to Cindy

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The cars coming behind might be the ones sent by the Mu Security Team. 'Great! They are here. That' fast!' Paul said to himself with relief.

However, as the car approached gradually, Paul's face darkened at once. Now that he saw them more clearly, he could tell that they were definitely not from the Mu Security Team.

"Young Master, there are two more cars coming towards us. I don't think they are from the Mu Security Team, but it's hard to tell whether they are coming after us or not, " said Paul, feeling anxious.

After they heard what Paul had said, they turned their heads and looked outside through the rear window. Instead of more black cars as they first thought, it was two minibuses coming towards them.

"Something is wrong. Something is very very wrong here." Charles muttered.

It was almost midnight, and very few people would take this path. But now several cars appeared out of nowhere. Did all these cars come for them?

Unfortunately, of all days, their car had broken down. Everyone except Linda was looking out of the window with a serious look on their faces. They could do nothing but watch the cars coming closer and closer.

"What's wrong?" asked Linda.

"My Lady, we are in big trouble now, " said Paul seriously.

Bun nodded and said, "Yes. It seems that there are two different groups of people coming after us. Our car has broken down, and they are coming closer and closer." Bun clenched her fists anxiously. She decided to put up a desperate fight to protect Linda and Charles. Luckily, she had brought a gun with her today in case something unexpected like this would happen. She would do anything to protect Linda and Charles, even if it meant losing her own life.

In a few moments, the minibuses stopped moving closer and stopped at a distance. A dozen people got out of the minibuses with big sticks in their hands.

It was easy to tell that this group of people weren't the same ones blocking their way earlier. They were holding sticks in their hands, not guns, and they weren't well equipped.

The men from the minibuses were walking towards Charles's car slowly. It seemed that the men didn't know who was in the car yet.

At this point, the people in the black car had gotten out of their cars as well. Several of them were holding guns in their hands. Luckily, not all of them were armed, thanks to the strict control of guns. Otherwise it would be much harder to fight them.

These two different groups of people were walking towards them, from opposite directions and at the same time. This was a critical situation with them stuck right in the middle. Judging from the distance, the Mu Security Team would still need

t's backup. Take care of them first."

"Copy that!" answered a man and complied.

Then they heard several gun shots.

A man was shot down at once. Luckily, Cindy had connected their intercom system in time and no one questioned her order.

Since a man had been shot down, both parties knew that the group they were confronting were enemies. The men who came out of the minibuses didn't have any guns, so they scrambled and ran for cover behind the trees and minibuses to dodge the bullets and take cover.

"Let's go, Charles. They are fighting against each other now. Let's help Linda get out of the car first. We can run to the car over there, " said Cindy, pointing to the closest car which had its door wide open.

Charles looked outside through the car window, shook his head and said, "No, we can't. The second we get out of the car, they will notice us. They are having a fight now because of your misleading order, but what if they notice us and shoot at us?"

Cindy's thoughts were too simple. She thought that if these two groups were in a fight, they could have the chance to sneak away, but she didn't think of the consequence of being spotted.

Tears started brimming in Cindy's eyes immediately. She thought that she had found the chance to save everyone, but it seemed that she was too naive. What if one of the groups won the fight and came after them? Cindy was about to cry. "What should we do now? Although they are fighting now, eventually they would come after us. Linda was due to give birth at any moment. We don't have time!"

Since Cindy had never been through this kind of situation before, she panicked. She felt so worried.

"That's okay. You've done a great job. You have bought us a few minutes. That's critical, " said Charles in a low voice.

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