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   Chapter 528 Being Besieged And Attacked At Midnight

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By Mei Jiao Characters: 8555

Updated: 2019-01-10 00:12

"Young Master, the two cars in front us seem weird. Please be on alert. Something might go wrong." Paul said seriously after he suddenly slowed down.

It was raining heavily outside and even if the windshield wipers kept wiping rain from the car's windshield, it was difficult to see the road ahead clearly.

Cindy asked, "Is something wrong? I think the two cars look harmless."

Bun also looked towards the two cars and found that they were indeed moving too strangely. It was impossible for two identical cars to appear together out of nowhere on the same road at the same time, especially at midnight, unless these two cars drove over to besiege them.

"You have to protect yourself. I can't focus on driving and protect you all at the same time." Paul drove attentively. He wasn't afraid of people who would get out of the two cars and attack them, but he feared that the cars would hit the car he was driving.

This time, they were cautious and well prepared. For safety, they used the bulletproof car to send Linda to the hospital, so the bullets couldn't shoot through this car. Besides, this car could not be damaged easily if it was hit by another car. The attacker instead could be wrecked and destroyed.

Then the bad thing which Paul guessed and worried about earlier just happened.

Suddenly, someone inside the black car ahead pulled a gun out of the window.

He fired several shots at them. Cindy was so frightened that she screamed. She had never had such a terrible experience and it scared her to death.

Linda felt extreme pain in her belly, and it was draining all her strength. She was also startled when she heard the bullets hitting the body of the car. She thought that she was very unlucky. She was about to give birth, but someone still wanted to abduct to kill her at this moment. Linda wondered who wanted to do such a thing to her this time.

'Is this Sarah's doing? Does she want to harm me?

I just refused to help her last time, but does she have to attack and try to kill me as I head for the hospital to give birth?' she thought in disbelief. Linda felt the pain in her belly intensify each time it occurred. And she had no idea when she would give birth to her babies. The people in the two cars in front of them knew it and followed them right after they got out of the house at the middle of the night, so it was obvious that they had waited near the villa for so long.

"Just ignore him! Turn the car into the other lane on this side and keep driving, " Charles ordered calmly.

"Okay, Young Master. D

take the pain away for take it for her, and all he could do at the moment was to sit beside Linda and hold her hands, heartbroken but hopeless.

"Young Master, our car has broken down, " said Paul. He tried to start the car several times just now, but to no avail.

Upon hearing him, Charles pulled a long face.

"What should we do now?"

Now they were trapped in the middle of the road which was some distance from the hospital. There was no another suitable car at present. They were at a loss on how they could take Linda to the hospital. It might still take the Mu Security Team a while to get there to rescue them. If Linda and their babies were in danger or died, Charles would never forgive himself for the rest of his life. In addition, he would make sure that everyone would suffer the same pain he just felt.

He kept blaming himself for not thinking of such matter which could happen on the road. He thought that he should take this into consideration and should prepare for the surprise attack by others. Too late for that now.

"How long will the Mu Security Team get here?" Charles asked, with a straight face.

"Ten minutes, " replied Paul.

Linda lay in Charles's arms and said in a low voice, "It doesn't matter. I can wait for ten minutes."

Being upset, Charles felt very sorry for her.

Linda had been suffering the pain for a long time now, but she didn't cry out in pain. She just tightly gritted her teeth. At this moment, her lips even bled since she bit her lips so hard.

On this rainy night, only the street lights at the roadside could make people feel less upset. All of a sudden, Paul looked back and found that two more cars were coming from behind them.

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