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   Chapter 527 Paul Is Handsome

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By Mei Jiao Characters: 9781

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Paul's face was entirely buried under lots of shopping bags.

"Why did you buy so many clothes?" Linda exclaimed. She felt something pounding in her head.

Cindy shook her head with an innocent look in her eyes and said, "I don't know the exact reason. I just couldn't control myself from buying all these clothes. And when I tried on each piece and asked Paul's opinion, he said that if I liked it, I could just buy it, so..."

"So you bought all of them?" Linda asked as she beckoned the servant to take the shopping bags from Paul's hands. They were all so heavy together in Paul's hands that he struggled to keep his balance.

"My Lady, it doesn't matter much. Young Master said that Miss Xie is your younger sister, so it's okay as long as she is happy." Paul said casually and handed the bags to the servant.

Linda felt speechless at Paul's words, unable to find a word to retort.

Cindy burst into laughter and said, "Linda, your husband treats you so well! Like the saying goes, love me, love my dog. Charles is loving everything and everyone around you. I am so lucky to be your sister. Haha!"

Then, Paul looked up at the sky, feeling the cool wind, and urged, "My Lady, please go back into the house now. The wind is getting stronger outside. Be careful not to catch a cold."

Only two weeks remained before Linda's expected date of childbirth. Paul wanted to make sure that no accident would happen to Linda at this crucial time.

Cindy briskly trotted towards Linda, saying, "Linda, let's go inside. Let me show you all the beautiful clothes that I've bought today."

Before Cindy reached Linda's side, Paul suddenly looked up, catching a glimpse of a flowerpot on the balcony at the point of dropping from the second floor.

The wind was quite strong that day.

Another gust of strong wind blew over and the flowerpot finally slipped off the edge of the balcony, falling right towards Cindy's head.

Bun also saw it happening and leaped forward, wanting to pull Cindy away from her spot, but Paul was much faster than she was.

At the last moment before the flowerpot hit Cindy's head, Paul had run up to Cindy, held on to her waist and pulled her to safety. Due to the sudden strong pull, Cindy lost her balance and fell straight towards Paul. Paul was unable to keep his balance. He was knocked down by Cindy's weight as a result.

At the same time, with a loud crash, the flowerpot hit the ground, smashing into many pieces.

Up in the balcony on the second floor, the servant who was caring the flowes was startled by the loud sound and panicked. He wondered how the flowerpot had fallen all of a sudden.

"Cindy!" Linda screamed, shocked by what just happened in front of her.

Now, the two people were lying on the ground, their positions looking embarrassingly intimate.

Cindy was lying prone on top of Paul's body, with their lips pressed together, and their eyes glued to

ak voice and slightly nodded.

Charles immediately called Paul, asking him to drive the car out. He then carried Linda out of the bedroom. The noise woke up both Bun and Cindy, as well. They also got up and came out from their bedrooms to see what happened.

"Is my sister going to give birth to the babies now?" Cindy came over and asked.

Bun nodded and said, "Yes. Cindy, stay at home and take care of yourself. We are taking Lady Linda to the hospital now."

"No, I don't want to stay at home. My sister is in labor, and I would be very worried at home. I have to go with you!"

Unable to persuade Cindy to stay, they could only her along to the hospital.

The Mu clan's private hospital had been getting ready for Linda's childbirth in the past two weeks. There were doctors and nurses already on duty, waiting for Linda's arrival. As Paul drove out of the garage, Bun opened the door and Charles immediately carried Linda into the car.

"Honey, hold on. We'll arrive at the hospital in twenty minutes, "

Charles comforted Linda. Looking at her pale face, he felt his heart ache for her, too.

Linda had experienced great pain when Amy Qi sliced her face with a knife and then threw her into a river. She had been floating in the river with wounds on her face before she was saved. Now the labor pains were different and much more unbearable. She had never experienced such extreme pains. It was true that giving birth to a baby was the most painful thing in the world.

Linda nodded to Charles and rested her head on his chest, remaining silent.

The car sped along the quiet road as Paul cautiously drove the car. Afraid that Linda couldn't bear the pains, he gradually accelerated the speed, while keeping the car steady so as not to throw Linda off balance.

Suddenly, Paul noticed that two cars were driving toward them. On such a quiet night, Paul intuitively sensed that there might be danger lurking ahead of them.

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