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   Chapter 526 Paul's Face Couldn't Be Seen

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After they went inside the villa, Charles said to Linda, "Honey, you can take a rest first. I feel like a chef today. So, I'll go to the kitchen to prepare some of the dishes that you like the most."

Charles hadn't cooked in a long time, and part of his plans during his break from work was to cook for his wife while staying home to keep her company.

Linda nodded and knew that Charles wanted to give her time to be alone with Cindy for a chat.

Now Linda couldn't eat any food with strong flavors, such as Spicy Cola Chicken Wings. Charles planned to cook something light with mild flavors. Lately, he had managed to make time to learn cooking. Now was his chance to show his newly acquired cooking skills.

Meanwhile, Linda took Cindy to her bedroom and then closed the door. She needed to have a serious talk with her sister first. Otherwise, she would go around making others unhappy or stressed out in the following months. If Cindy continued to be so outspoken and tactless, she would be bound to get into a lot of trouble.

Although Bun and Paul didn't say anything about what happened today, they were obviously very embarrassed.

They tried their best to let go of their feelings for each other, acting civil when they met and talked. Thanks to Cindy, today they got trapped in a very awkward position and inside a car where no one could just leave!

After Cindy entered Linda's bedroom, she began to look around. It was very big, tidy and beautifully decorated.

"Cindy, come over here." Linda called out for Cindy to come closer.

"What's going on?" Cindy went up to Linda.

Linda sat down on the sofa nearby and said to Cindy, "Did you know what you have done today? You've made some people very unhappy."

Cindy stuck her tongue out, laughed and said, "I just browsed on Paul's laptop. I didn't do anything wrong!"

"Haven't you realized that what you did was wrong? Why did you browse through Paul's private files? That's what was wrong!" You looked at his photos which were supposed to be his personal property. It was already encrypted so there was no need to unlock it! It was encrypted which means it was for his eyes only. How could you be so insensitive and even loudly tell others about those photos!" Linda's blood started to boil.

"How could you dare do that! You have to get rid of this bad habit as soon as possible! You also shouldn't check or browse on other people's laptops or phones or any other device. It is disrespectful to do such a thing! Do you understand?" Linda knocked on Cindy's head again, making Cindy feel a sharp pain all of a sudden.

Cindy massaged her hea

e and was the most suitable person to go shopping with Cindy.

Without saying anything, Paul just nodded and then went to get the car.

Cindy showed understanding for Linda who couldn't do the shopping with her, but she felt unhappy having had to go with Paul who seemed to always keep silent. Shopping was the activity that every girl loved the most, but with a nerd like Paul as her company, this one would be the most boring shopping in the world.

Paul drove Cindy to the shopping center nearby. When Cindy changed into a new dress, she asked Paul, "What do you think of this one? Do I look good in it? Paul?"

Without glancing at her, Paul replied, "It's okay as long as you like it. If you want to buy it, I will pay for it. That's my job today."

Cindy was annoyed at what he said, but she quickly forgot about that because no matter what kind of clothes she liked, Paul would buy them for her.

At that moment, Cindy started to like Paul. Sure, he was almost robotic with his stone faced look and his use of very few words. But he was one of the nicest person she had met! She was satisfied with Paul, thinking he was good enough to be boyfriend material, except that he wasn't so handsome.

When they came back, Cindy happily skipped in the villa, while Paul walked inside with over ten shopping bags in his hands. Some bags even contained more than one piece of clothing. In this case, Cindy had bought enough clothes for the year.

"Linda, I'm back!" Linda could hear Cindy call out to her even if Cindy hadn't entered the house yet.

Linda went out to have a look and was surprised to see that Paul carried a lot of shopping bags. His face couldn't even be seen since the shopping bags were stacked up in front of his face.

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