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   Chapter 525 Stop Doing That

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Bun slightly opened her mouth and wanted to say something nice for Paul, but she hesitated, not saying anything in the end. She thought that it was inappropriate for her to put a good word for Paul because things still seemed quite awkward between the two of them.

Seeing that Linda closed her eyes, Bun rested her head on her hand and also closed her eyes, without meddling in this matter.

Even though Paul was very unhappy now, Bun thought that she shouldn't say anything to rebuke Linda's sister who was still young and quickly spoke her mind without giving it much thought.

In fact, Paul was not ugly. He just wan't as handsome as Charles. It was unfair for him to be compared to the well groomed Young Master.

Paul continued driving. The weather was good in the afternoon. Linda leaned against Charles and gradually fell asleep. However, she suddenly heard a screech of the brakes and Cindy's scream.

'What's going on?'

Linda opened her eyes and saw that Paul had pulled over by the roadside and was asking Cindy to return his laptop immediately.

"What are you doing? Why are you so mean? I just had a casual look. Paul, do you have a crush on Bun? Why do you store so many photos of Bun in your laptop? They look like they were taken secretly."

With a straight face, Paul stared at Cindy and said, "Miss Xie, didn't you just say that you wanted to read a novel? But why did you end up prying in the D disk of my laptop?"

"I really wanted to just read a novel and I just casually browsed on your laptop. This photo file is encrypted and it took me a few minutes to break the code!"

Upon hearing her, Linda knew that Cindy may not have restrained herself from cracking others' password again.

How could she be so reckless and see the encrypted photos in Paul's laptop!

Linda got a bit annoyed and embarrassed at her sister's behavior. Cindy shouldn't do that because the photos belonged to Paul and weren't meant to be seen by anyone else. His personal privacy must be respected.

Now the situation was a bit awkward since the photos in Paul's laptop were of Bun.

Hearing that the matter had to do with her, Bun asked, "What kind of photos are they?"

"Look! These are your photos. I guess that he

e same way ever again.

Cindy, sitting beside Paul, felt morose. She saw Bun's photos in Paul's laptop and thought that Paul liked Bun, so she mentioned it on purpose. She did say it out loud for everyone in the car to hear because she wanted to help.

Although she had just met Paul, Cindy saw that Paul was a quiet man who didn't like talking.

Cindy guessed that Paul had a crush on Bun and didn't dare to express his love for her. It might be a pity if he missed such a chance to confess his love to Bun. This was why she told the others in the car about the photos.

She didn't expect that everyone inside the car would keep silent after knowing this matter.

The car drove towards the Mu clan's villa and they arrived after a short while. Linda got out of the car with the help of Bun.

Cindy also jumped out of the car.

Paul turned off the engine and took Cindy's luggage out of the trunk. After that, he said to Charles, "Young Master, I should go back to the company now."

Charles nodded, thinking that since such an embarrassing thing happened earlier, Paul, who was a bashful man, might not be willing to hang around for the time being.

"My Lady, Young Master, I feel a bit uncomfortable, so I want to go back to my room to take a rest, " said Bun.

Linda nodded and said, "Okay! Just go and have a good one!"

Cindy took Linda's hand, looking unhappy. "We just arrived, but why do they all leave?"

"Let's go inside first!" Charles felt a bit displeased.

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