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   Chapter 524 Paul Looked Ugly

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Nine months of pregnancy. If she fell down and lost her babies, Charles would regret it for the rest of his life, and he could not do anything about it then, not even to scold Linda because it wouldn't be her fault.

They went to the underground parking garage and got in the car.

Bun sat beside Linda to protect her while Charles sat on Linda's other side. Paul sat on the front row, taking the driver's seat.

Cindy had no other options but to sit beside him on the passenger side.

But it did not matter to her as she kept turning around so that she could speak with Linda. She lost no time telling her interesting stories, talking about how fussy the old professors were at the Base.

Linda laughed aloud while listening to her stories. She knew her little sister must have caused a lot of trouble to her teachers.

Listening to Cindy's chirping voice, Linda felt like they were back in the old times. Cindy would take her hand along the way as they walked back home after school, while chirping to tell her something interesting in class. Linda would be the listener most of the time. Sometimes she did not even answer to what Cindy said; she just felt happy to listen to her, which gave her a warm glow deep inside.

"By the way, how long will you stay this time?"

Speaking of which, Cindy announced excitedly, "I have a four month vacation this time!" Then her face wrinkled and she said bitterly, "But I could not come back for three years after these four months vacation."

Linda was in disbelief. "Three years? It's outrageous! Why would it be so long?"

Cindy nodded and said, "It is! Isn't it?! But after these three years, I'll never have to go back to that place again."

Cindy felt so regretful now. She was so naughty and played many mischievous tricks when she was young. She once hacked into the network of so many important organizations.

She just did it for fun.

But four months were still long enough for them. Linda thought that she could be with Cindy for these four months. Cindy had bett

uld you lend me a laptop or your cell phone, please?"

"Why? Do you want to call someone?"

"No, I don't. It's just this novel that I have been reading. It is updated every 5 p.m. and I really need to read it now."

Linda shook her head as she felt Cindy was still like a child to her. Linda wanted to lend Cindy her cell phone, but Cindy noticed the laptop bag beside Paul. She asked, "Could you lend me that laptop? It is more convenient to read on a bigger screen."

Paul's one hand held the steering wheel while with the other hand gave Cindy the laptop. His eyes were on the road, not saying anything.

"Thank you." Cindy said sincerely.

But Paul did not answer her. Obviously, Paul was somehow hurt by what Cindy said earlier, that he was ugly.

Seeing Paul's expression, Cindy couldn't help feeling a little distressed. She thought to herself, 'Do you really need to act like this? It was just a joke. I did not say it on purpose.'

But she didn't say it, and she knew that it might be inappropriate to say it at this time.

Cindy then stopped chatting with Linda and started to focus on the newly updated novel instead. Linda felt a bit tired, so she leaned on Charles's shoulder to take a rest. They still had half an hour to get home. Linda had the chef home make a delicious meal for Cindy to welcome her and help her settle in.

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