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   Chapter 523 Bun Is Super Cool

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Cindy was coming back? Linda felt so happy that she made a little dance. She was so excited that her naughty little sister would be coming. After all, it had been such a long time since she last saw her.

"When will she be here? What's the time of the departure of her flight? I want to go pick her up." Linda cheerfully said.

"No, you can't go pick her up. I won't allow it." the loving mother said sternly. "Your belly has gotten so big, and it would be too exhausting and uncomfortable for you to travel to the airport. I'm just calling to tell you the news. I gotta go now. See you soon, love."

Seemingly in a hurry, Donna hung up.

Listening this whole time, Charles asked, "Was it mother?"

Linda nodded, "Yes, it was. She wanted to move in to take care of me until our children are born... And my sister is flying in tomorrow and I want to pick her up!"

It was not only because the time was special that Linda wanted to pick Cindy up in person and let her sister meet her unborn nephew and niece. They were so close when they were very little that Linda picked Cindy up whenever she got home from school.

Cindy had to go and live somewhere far away because of her naughty behavior that had gotten her in trouble.

Cindy pulled at Linda's trousers and even cried until she lost her contact lenses when she was leaving.

Linda promised that she would pick Cindy up herself when she would come back to visit her.

She was eight and a half months pregnant. Although there were only about two more weeks remained until her expected date of confinement, Linda thought that she could still go and pick Cindy up at the airport.

A promise is a promise!

"Well, then I will go with you." Charles said decidedly, with a gentle face full of caring, and eyes sparkling with tenderness.

After only half a month, two new little loves would also be born. Then they would be a perfect happy family of four.

Donna arrived twenty minutes later. She brought a lot of snacks and supplements for Linda, especially ones to tone her body. Linda did not know whether to laugh or cry. The Mu clan had already provided everything she needed.

But it was still her mother's love and she cherished each and every gift Donna had brought.

Linda felt warm and safe to have someone with such expe


Cindy took a glance and shouted while grabbing Paul's arm, "Hey you piece of shit! How dare you steal my luggage?"

Paul was at a loss whether to laugh or cry, and his eyelids twitched slightly.

"Well, Lady Xie, I am a servant of the Mu clan. I was only trying to help you with the luggage."

"Silver, this is Paul. He is your brother-in-law's subordinate. And this is Bonny, you can call her Bun, she is the one taking care of me."

"Bun is super cool!" Looking at Bun dressed in a military style uniform, graceful and beautiful, Cindy could not move her eyes away.

Paul stacked the luggage quietly and stood aside.

Men couldn't move their eyes away when they saw Bun, because women in military uniform were always attractive. But there were only a few women in uniform also had pretty faces.

Bun was one of them, Which Cindy admired so much.

"Cool?" Bun was at a loss for words either...

This was the first time she was praised with such word.

But Linda felt a bit awkward when she noticed that Cindy directly ignored Paul. She was only interested in the good-looking persons.

Paul was not a very handsome man in most people's eyes. He was the kind of ordinary people who would be totally neglected when thrown into the crowd. So it was not strange that Cindy wouldn't care about him...

"Well, lets go." Charles said calmly, and got Linda back from Cindy's hugs quietly.

His sister-in-law was a bit noisy... He thought he might have to take care of his wife and watch her a bit more.

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