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   Chapter 522 Cindy Was Coming Back

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By Mei Jiao Characters: 7603

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"My Lady, I am here for you as much as possible but you should take extra care these days. I mean, watch your back at all times. There's a big possibility that Sarah would plot some revenge on you, after what happened today. Especially because her family now..."

"What happened to her family?" Linda turned around and asked.

"Her family has now been stripped of the title, Family of Public Security Officers by the military court because of the issues that her father was involved in. To make matters worse, all the staff in service of the Shen clan have been removed from their posts. They are not allowed to engage in the police industry for life, and for three generations. Her father's incarceration may have been the main reason."

"Is that so? That's is a very serious and drastic punishment. Why did they include the entire clan? And up to three generations?" Linda could not understand.

"It may have been Young Master who requested for it, because Sarah wanted to ruin the relationship between Brian and me. And she hurt you many times before. That might have been the reason why they didn't show any mercy on the trail."

Bun whispered, in case the other servants in the house could hear it.

"All right, I'm not worried about her. What could she possibly do to me, if only by herself? Don't I have you around me?"

Seeing Linda have such confidence in her, Bun sniffed with pride and raised her beautiful face, "Yes, you are right, My Lady. If Sarah dares trouble you, I will surely kick her ass."

"It doesn't matter, it is all right for Bun to chop Sarah into meat paste. Young Master would just pay for the medical bills." Anna laughed, joining in with the jokes.

Linda waved her hand, "No, she could not chop Sarah into meat paste. Other wise, it won't be medical bills for Charles to pay, but cremation and burial fees!"

The three women laughed together in the garden at this beautiful afternoon. Linda always felt herself lucky, to have Bun and Anna beside her. With both of them taking care of her, she considered them as her best friends rather than her servants.

"What are you talking about? I heard you all laughing." Charles had just arrived and heard their laughter from outside as he entered the house.

"You are so early today,

, little potato and little tomato!" Charles suddenly caught her lips with his and did not let go of the kiss. Linda's face turned red and hot. Afterwards, she looked around, finding that the servants were pruning leaves in the yard and were all giggling quietly. She inevitably blushed even more.

"Dear, why is your face so red?" Charles asked.

"You know why!" Linda pinched on Charles' waist.

But Charles still looked no different, which made Linda shy and indignant.

"I'll remember it! How dare you bully me like this? You asshole!"

"What? How dare I bully my own wife?" Charles said calmly with his hands stalled.

Linda frowned and wanted to refute, but suddenly, her phone rang. It was Donna calling, so she picked up.

"Hi mother! How are you?"

"Hello my child. Have you been well? There are two weeks to go before the babies are born, right? I want to come and live with you so I can take care of you during that time. What do you think?"

Linda felt Donna was the person who cared about her the most. Although Donna was only her foster mother, she always treated Linda as her real daughter.

"That sounds great! I love that idea. I'll send someone to pick you up." Linda said, smiling with excitement.

"No need. Lord Xia has sent his servant to drive me to your place. I've almost arrived. By the way, your sister is coming back tomorrow. It is not a good time though. I told her to come back a few days later. Otherwise, there would be no one to spare time and take care of her."

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