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   Chapter 521 It Is Only A Favor

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"Bonny Lu, what do you mean? Why do you have to be so angry at me? Didn't I give Brian to you? You should know, that there was no way that you were going to be with Brian and even marry him if I did not give way and leave."

Sarah stood up abruptly, her eyes red with fury. Never before had she ever given up anything important in her life, like the man that she loved so dearly. She gave Brian to Bun, and what did she do in return? How ungrateful this woman was! Why did she act like a crazy person? Sarah only wanted to save her father, otherwise he would be rotting in prison for the rest of his life.

"Listen to what you are saying. Of course you are going to say that. In your eyes, Bun never did anything right. I'm not surprised, because you never liked her."

Anna refuted immediately. She could not stand to see Sarah talking to Bun like that.

"What do you mean? Of course you are taking her side. Now you are both attacking me and ganging up on me!" Sarah complained.

For her, it was unfair that the two people close to Linda were attacking her. It had already been difficult for her to muster the courage to beg Linda today. In addition, she strongly believed that Bun owed her, because Brian and Bun would not have gotten married so easily without Sarah conceding.

"Who the hell is ganging up on you? You think your father got a heavy sentence? What about my father?

It was Bun's turn to raise her anger as her voice quivered.

When she was a child, her father loved her the most. Now she could only vaguely remember her father's face, as he died early, secretly executed.

How could she suffer such pain at such a young age, losing her father who was falsely accused of leaking state secrets?

Just because she did not look into it and opened an investigation, it did not mean that she had forgiven and forgotten it.

Sarah waited for Linda to say something but she did not say a word, so Sarah continued, "Linda, I know you've always been such a good person, so I come to you in all humility to ask for this favor. I knew it was my father who was to blame for the death of Bonny's father. But it had been so long ago. My father is now old and he had realized his faults. He is remorseful of his mistakes. It is true that he was forced to do it at that time. If it is really not possible t

not do this to me, Linda. Please help me! Don't make my father suffer so much in prison. I wasn't asking that he be released. My father is a very old man. I'm afraid he could not..."

Sarah was thrown out the door by the bodyguard before she could finish talking.

Even after Sarah was dragged away, Linda could still hear her screaming, "I hate you, Linda! This is not the last that you'll see of me. You'll see!"

After Sarah's early departure, Bun looked concerned, "My lady, what if she thinks of a revenge? She was rejected badly just now. You're about to have the babies. If she does something to you or your babies, then I will regret it for the rest of my life. How about calling her back? I did not care so much about those things that happened in the past anymore, except a little bit angry."

Linda waved her hand and smiled, "No, Bun. I really had no plans of helping her, even if you didn't ask. If everyone is like her to ask for my help, then my house would be overrun with people asking for help. We are not a charitable institution. Where was she when I needed help?"

Bun lowed her head and did not speak again, but felt warm in her heart.

Linda patted on Bun's shoulder, "Don't worry, Bun. You are like a sister to me. Your enemy would also be mine, and I would definitely not pity on her. What's more, I will let Charles help on your father's case, letting him settle all grievances and have the dignity returned to your family."

Although death couldn't be reversed, this was the only way Linda could do to help.

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