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   Chapter 520 Sarah Shen Knelt

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Linda just slightly closed her eyes and grinned, "As you can see, there are all kinds of fish in the sea. I'm not really surprised. It's natural that there will be insane people around us. And you have even met some of them before. Do you still remember? Both Amy Qi and Vincent Zhou are as mad as March hare."

Bun could not agree more with what Linda just said, especially regarding Amy Qi. She always felt her hair all stand on end every time Amy Qi's name was mentioned.

It was common knowledge that a normal young girl should be unable to kill even a little chicken, wasn't it?

However, Amy Qi had inflicted more than a dozen cuts on Linda's face with a knife. What a savage woman!

Fortunately, Linda's face was able to heal and was restored to what it used to be, without any trace of a single scar. Had there been so much as a blemish, Bun couldn't have promised that she would not kill Amy Qi and her family to avenge Linda.

Anyway, Amy got what she deserved in the end. Since she was already dead, there was no need to hold onto it anymore.

As for Linda, she still remembered those crazy things done by Vincent Zhou before. However, neither did she know nor had she ever expected that it was still Vincent Zhou who had done such an evil thing.

News simply reported what was happening in the world. Everyday, all kinds of countless tragedies may occur everywhere, sometime in unexpected places. Unfortunately, no one would spend his time paying attention to a random murder case. So the death of Alice was doomed to attract little attention.

Aware that it wouldn't be good for her babies and herself, Linda stopped thinking of these horrible things. She lowered her head and touched her belly softly. The two babies were due in the next four weeks.

Now, there had been a task that Linda had kept putting off, but it should be done as soon as possible. That was, what should she name the two babies? Linda hadn't given it much thought yet.

It was somewhat hard for her to name the babies. Naming a baby was not to be taken lightly as the child would carry this name for the rest of the his or her life. Considering this, Linda felt discouraged and again, just gave up on it. She comforted herself that she still had time to think it over before the babies would be born.

"My Lady, are you hungry? How about having something to eat?" Anna asked Linda with care. She had prepared a delicate afternoon tea for Linda. These snacks were all specially made for pregnant women for nourishment.

It was less likely to affect children in the stomach.

Enjoying the egg pudding served by Anna, Linda thought that she was surely living a rich life. How happy she was to have Anna and Bun by her side. One took care of her health by making delicious and nutritious food everyday, and the other ensured her safety.

Linda decided to consult Anna and Bun about what to name the

couldn't help getting hysterical, tears running down her cheeks.

"You gave up Brian to me? What a joke! When did Brian belong to you? You talk as if he was an object to be given away. He CHOSE to be with me! In addition, why should I forgive your father? It's merely a life imprisonment and it's far from enough to pay for the crimes your father committed. He totally deserves it." Bun had a lot to say to her. "My father was executed secretly because he took the blame for the crimes of your father. And you should keep in mind that it is because of your father that Brian's parents got into trouble." Bun added.

Bun's voice shook and trembled with emotion when she mentioned that Sarah's father was the mastermind of all those terrible schemes.

Bun's father, Benson Lu, was a lieutenant general of the Navy, who was incredibly promising at his age. He was the chosen one of Lu clan.

But soon misfortunes fell upon her father. Someone had leaked top secret of the Navy to neighboring countries. This caused heavy losses on their side and forced the Navy to cede a group of islands to those countries.

In truth, it was Shawn Shen, Sarah's father, who leaked the secret files. But during the military trial, he remained defiant and did not admit to any wrongdoing. He fabricated stories pointing to Benson Lu as the culprit. He was so lucky that he got away with it, with the innocent Benson Lu taking the blame.

This led to Benson's untimely death via a secret execution. To make matters worse, the charges against Benson also dragged Bun's name into the issue. During her eight years of service in the army, Bun was forced to get strenuous training than her other comrades because she was deemed as a descendant of a traitor. She bore the unusual pains that other girls of her age could not even begin to imagine going through.

With so many damaging things that Shawn Shen had done, the life sentence seemed mild.

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