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   Chapter 519 The Shocking News

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Lisa wondered what Vincent was going to do with the drug and the aphrodisiac. As for the drug, she could guess that he wanted to torture Alice with it.

Lisa had once been tormented by the drug, so she knew how painful it was and now she kept away from it.

But she didn't know what the aphrodisiac was for. Did he intend to force Alice to take it?

Alice was a woman in her fifties and Lisa had no idea what Vincent would do with Alice if she was forced to take that aphrodisiac. Was he interested in Alice?

Lisa was disgusted while thinking about it.

"Vincent, what are you going to do with the drug and the aphrodisiac?"

"Make her take them. What else?" Vincent's mouth twisted in a wicked smile.

Since Lisa was his sister, he didn't intend to tell her that the mixture of the drug and the aphrodisiac intensified the aphrodisiac, making it the strongest aphrodisiac ever.

Alice dared to tell Robert about the matter with Lisa and Vincent, which almost destroyed their plan.

Thus Vincent was going to make her pay for it.

"Lisa, help me mix these two substances and put the mixture into this syringe."

Vincent, sitting on Alice's back, kept pulling her hair and pinning his weight on her to the floor. He slapped her hard across the face whenever she spoke, which made Alice feel dizzy and numb.

Lisa obeyed Vincent and did everything according to his instructions. She poured the drug and the aphrodisiac out of the bottles and mixed them. After that, she put the mixed liquid into the syringe.

Alice lay on the ground, feeling so much pain. When she saw the syringe in Lisa's hand, she was extremely frightened with goosebumps running down her spine.

"No! Please, no! I know I'm wrong. Please let me go!" Alice kept begging them for mercy.

Unlucky for her, Vincent was a merciless person. He would never let her off!

Alice had already discovered their biggest secret, that the man in front of her wasn't the real Adam, so Vincent had no choice but to surely kill her, because she could only keep a secret when she was dead.

"You finally realize the consequence of what you did. But it is too late!" Vincent said sarcastically.

"Please set me free. I'm already over fifty years old and I know I did wrong this time. Master Robert, help!"

Alice still hoped that Robert would come back again after hearing her voice since

was the month of September, and it was sunny and hot in the afternoon, but Linda felt comfortable while sitting under the tree, enjoying the cool breeze and listening to the radio. With the busy modern life all around and videos easily available on the Internet, hardly anyone listened to the radio anymore.

When she was a child, her family was a bit short of money. She often hid herself under her quilt and listened to the radio in secret. It was a second-handed radio which cost her a lot of money at that time. She bought it with what she earned after working for a long time.

In those days, she led a simple life with simple things enough to make one happy. Linda smiled at the thought of this.

As the song ended, the radio DJ came on. "That was a wonderful song newly released by the country's biggest pop band. Now, a piece of shocking news. At 9:00 AM today, the body of a naked woman of about forty or fifty years was found dead on the mountain, west of the city. She was littered all over with cuts and bruises. According to the postmortem examination, the victim was injected with a lethal amount of some drug and stimulant before she died. The preliminary investigation determined that she was raped and murdered. The brutal murderer is still at large. At present, this murder case is being investigated by the police."

At that time, Bun practiced the martial arts on the open space behind Linda while keeping her company. She was indignant when she heard the news. "My Lady, the murderer was too barbaric. He even raped and killed a woman in her fifties."

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