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   Chapter 518 Busybody

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"Brother, please do not jump into such conclusions so soon. Look at me, I am your younger brother. How can you just believe in this woman's words?" Having composed himself, Vincent tried to appease Robert as he pointed to Alice, the senior maid who had been taking care of Adam since his childhood. His eyes glimmered with hatred as if he wanted to cut her into a thousand pieces.

If he had known that this woman would be an obstacle to their plan, Vincent could've already killed her as soon as he stepped into the Huo clan's villa for the first time. She was just a servant. It wouldn't be a big deal to get rid of her and get another one. Vincent never expected that Alice would one day cause so much trouble to him and Lisa.

Having heard Vincent's words, Robert turned his head around to look at Alice.

Wearing a serious and honest look on her face, Alice looked at Robert and swore, "Master Robert, I've been working for the Huo clan for decades. I have watched you and Master Adam grow up. I can swear to God, I am not lying to you! Everything I said is true."

At first, Alice really didn't want to tell Robert the truth. She knew that it would mess up the relationship between the two brothers.

But Alice was afraid that if she kept it to herself, Master Robert would be the one who would be hurt the most in the end.

She couldn't bear to see that Lisa had manipulated both her Master Robert and Master Adam at will.

But more sadly, she had heard Adam address her as "this woman" just now, showing not a little bit of respect for her.

Alice had brought up Adam herself. She had always treated him as her own son.

However, Adam distorted the truth and addressed her like a random dog from the street, just to defend Lisa.

"I will only believe in what I see with my eyes and what I hear with my ears, " Robert said. A dash of sadness flashed through his eyes.

"Brother, sometimes, even your eyes would cheat you. Don't just see with your eyes, but try to see things with your heart. Don't you see how much your wife loves you? Like crazy. She loves you like crazy, " Vincent emphasized the last sentence. "That's why she came here, because you treated her like dirt earlier at dinner and she was depressed. What's more, she has your baby now. Your lack of trust in her will break her heart. And I am your brother, too. You should know me well, don't you? How could I possibly have a relationship with my own sister-in-law? My brother's wife!"

Vincent said, wearing a serious and convincing face.

Vincent knew that it was hard to explain everything clearly to Robert now, but at least, he had to try and convince Robert with confidence.

"Baby?" Robert muttered. He started to doubt whether the baby in Lisa's womb was his or not.

Was it really his baby?

As a sly fox, Vincent had already noticed the subtle change in Robert's facial expression and understood what he was doubting in his mind.

Things were becoming much worse now!

Robert had started to doub

aster Adam... Who are you... Both of your eyes are fine..."

Alice knew well that one of Adam's eyes was pierced through by a bullet when he was young. The wound was very horrible. There was no eyeball inside that injured eye socket anymore.

But now, the man in front of her had both eyes fine and normal. His eyes were bright and gleaming.

With a better look at the man in front of her, Alice now noticed a subtle difference between him and the real Adam. Although he had a same face as Adam's, the real Adam's earlobes were not as thick as this man's.

This man had big and thick earlobes.

These might be the parts that were hard to change when someone had grown into an adult. Alice was now sure that this man wasn't Master Adam.

"Alice, why are you so clever? That's not good. You know what? Clever people always die early." Vincent said with a cold smile.

Inside Adam's bedroom, when Lisa heard the noise outside, she finally came back to her senses and stood up. She went out of the room and saw what was happening in the living room. She ran to stop Vincent, "Brother, no... don't hurt her. Robert will see her wounds and know it..."

Vincent turned his head around to look at Lisa and asked, "Do you think that I'm gonna let her live until Robert comes back?"

His eye patch had been pulled off. Alice had found out that he was a fake Adam.

Lisa froze and went silent as she heard her brother's words.

"We can't keep her alive anymore."

"Lisa, go to my bedroom. Open the third drawer of the left cabinet. There is an empty syringe in it. Take it out. And there are two bottles of medicine on the second drawer, too. Bring them all to me. Now!" roared Vincent.

"Okay, " said Lisa, now in a state of panic.

She rushed back to his bedroom and did as he had instructed. When she opened the second drawer and took out two bottles of medicine, she was surprised as she read the labels on the bottles. One of them was a drug, and the other bottle was an aphrodisiac!

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