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   Chapter 517 This Woman Was Dissolute

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Vincent had a good point, but Lisa was hesitant about it. Since Linda agreed to let her off this time, she was a bit grateful and somehow didn't want to harm Linda anymore because she really felt guilty having done a lot of cruel and unforgivable things to her before.

Although Lisa believed that what Linda owned should originally belong to her and she had the right to compete against Linda for them, she wasn't comfortable at the thought of killing Linda.

Beisdes, Linda was nine months pregnant now, which made Lisa even more hesitant.

Lisa was also pregnant at this time, so she could understand Linda's roller coaster of feelings while waiting for her babies to be born. Hormonal changes during pregnancy could subject an expecting mother to mood swings and irrational behavior. It was never easy for Linda to carry a child for nine months, and even more challenging to carry two. With these in mind, Lisa became irresolute and didn't have the heart to kill Linda.

When he saw the hesitation on Lisa's face, Vincent felt confused and asked, "What's wrong? Lisa?"

Lisa shook her head and replied, "Nothing. I am thinking that Linda is nine months pregnant now, so it might be better to kill her after she gives birth. There is no need to hurt her babies. They are innocent and have nothing to do with this whole thing!" Vincent snorted and said, "Our plan will be delayed in this case. Besides, we only have one chance to kill her. I've figured out that the best time to take our action is the day she goes into labor, when she is taken to the hospital to give birth to her babies. That time there may be fewer people guarding her on the road to the hospital. We can then make our move and we can kill her more easily.

If we don't take this window of opportunity to take action, I'm afraid that we might never get another chance after she gives birth. I've heard that she is pregnant with twins. I am sure that the Mu clan will give her more attention and hire more bodyguards to protect her and her twins after her babies are born."

"But don't you think it would be cruel to kill her babies? They haven't done us any wrong!" Lisa was still sobbing in a low voice, but she felt better after Vincent convinced her. At that moment, she didn't think about Robert and didn't have the slightest idea that he was outside the room.

Vincent gently patted her on the back and said, "You are just softhearted because you are also pregnant. Remember being merciful to the enemy means being cruel to yourself."

Just as Lisa was about to retort, the bedroom door suddenly

e evening quite a few times, " said Alice confidently.

"What are you saying? That's absolute nonsense!" Lisa glared at Alice viciously. She finally figured out that Alice had told Robert on her. That was the only explanation why he had come back immediately after he had gone out.

"I am telling the truth. You've gone too far! You are together with Master Robert and he treats you well, but why did you have to seduce Master Adam as well? What was your purpose of going into his bedroom late at night?"

Alice treated Robert and Adam as her own family ever since they were young. It was only natural that she got defensive and annoyed when she saw what had happened to the brothers, ever since Lisa came to live in the Huo clan's house.

Lisa opened her mouth, but was at a loss for words. She indeed went to Adam's room late at night before. Since there was a path hidden behind the wall of his room leading to the outside, she could leave the house via his bedroom in secret and head for the rehab clinic to get treatment for her drug habit when she relapsed in the evening.

It was the best time to free herself from the drug addiction, and she only had the chance to do that in the evening when Robert was in sound sleep.

Disappointed and angry, Robert looked at Lisa who had the same face as Linda's.

Her face was very beautiful, but Robert knew clearly that she wasn't the real Linda.

He didn't mind that anymore, having started to make peace with it. At least, she was his child's mother, so he would keep treating her well.

But now it turned out that this woman was so dissolute. He felt totally betrayed, unable to accept the fact that she even hooked up with his brother, in the same house!

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