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   Chapter 516 Paper Could Not Wrap Fire

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By Mei Jiao Characters: 7008

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"A lot of times when you weren't at home, Lady Linda went to Master Adam's room, and stayed there for hours. Sometime she even did not come out for half a day. So it's not that I want to make any issue or gossip about it, Master Robert. I am just telling you what I have seen. I think you have the right to know the truth. I have been your servant for decades, and as you already know, I never talk nonsense."

Robert was confused and a bit angry at what he heard.

Alice Mei had served his family for such a long time and she had pretty much minded her own business. If she had not really seen it herself, she would never bother him about it. Could it really be true? Was something going on between Lisa and his brother?

It seemed impossible though. They hardly talk to each other or even look at each other.

Maybe it was not as simple as it appeared.

No wonder his brother cared too much about his relationship with Lisa from the beginning.

Robert stopped the engine and tried to sort things out in his mind. He then got out of the car and slammed the door with a cold face. His heavy steps showed how furious he was at the moment as he strode back to the mansion.

A storm was brewing in his mind.

He opened the door with his key and saw Alice was still in the dining room, cleaning up the mess that Lisa had made. When she saw him come in, she pointed towards Adam's bedroom, which meant that Lisa was still in there...

Robert could hear the blood pulsing in his head. After all, this kind of scene should never be known by others.

Although the faithful servant had stayed in the family for decades, she was still not the family. Robert would feel extremely humiliated if such a thing was known by others. He was a good person, but in his soul lies a hint of male dominance and misogyny.

For a man like him, getting betrayed by his woman was not acceptable.

"Did she just get in?"

Robert asked, almost whispering.

Alice nodded.

"Get me the spare key."


The house had spare keys for every room, including Adam's.

But Robert had never barged

ying to hide his identity for this long. Now everything would be ruined and all would be for nothing because she told Linda the truth...

"Don't worry, brother. I asked Linda to spare us. And as I said earlier, Robert found out that I am not Linda. And with Linda's watching, Robert took me in his arms and told me that it didn't matter whether I was Linda or not. He was really loving and affectionate yesterday. But things were different today. He did not say a word to me, and drove off to his office with no intentions of coming home tonight even though it was late. Obviously he was still having problems about me."

"He loved Linda, you knew that..." Vincent said and frowned.

"But I could not accept it. He chose me probably only for the sake of my baby or even maybe just to spite Linda!"

Robert wanted to show Linda that he did not care about her anymore.

Thinking of this, Lisa felt more pained.

What the hell had she done? She was always the unlucky one when it came to having a love life. It had been so hard for her to find a man that she loved and would love her back.

"Lisa, I think we could no longer delay it. Since Linda now knows my identity, then she could no longer live. The longer she is alive, the more trouble she is going to unleash upon us. And one day, the paper wouldn't be able to wrap fire... We should hurry!" Vincent's eyes glinted with ferocity.

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