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   Chapter 515 Lady Linda and Master Adam

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"Anyway, we should at least give them a chance to change for the better. What's more, I don't think that Lisa has the power and ability to stir up any more trouble, " Linda said with a smile as she turned to Bun.

"I hope you are right. I am just a little bit worried. My Lady, I don't want you to get into any tight and risky situations again. Danger lurks in every corner. There might be times that I may not be around and be able to protect you..."

Bun said and sniffled.

Linda patted her shoulders and comforted her, "It's okay. Don't worry too much. My only concern now are the babies in my belly."

This was Linda's first pregnancy. Naturally, She had no experience with babies, much less giving birth to one. Much anticipation mixed with a little bit of fear, now occupied her heart.

The challenges of having to care for one baby are monumental. Only the heavens knew why she was chosen to carry two. Linda had already started feeling difficulties in her daily life, especially when she had to walk for even short distances. This worried her, whether she would be able to give birth to the babies without any problems or complications.

"Haha... My Lady, take it easy. Anna is by your side. She is such a talented doctor that she will surely deliver your babies smoothly and safely, " Bun reassured Linda.

Bun had confidence in Anna's skills as a doctor. Ever since Linda's pregnancy, Anna had put in a lot of efforts studying extensively in obstetrics, in order to make sure that everything would go well until Linda's delivery of the babies.

Linda felt more relaxed hearing Bun's soothing words.

In the Huo clan's villa

At the dinner table, Robert was concentrating himself on his meal, saying nothing, while Lisa sat opposite him, looking very distressed. There wasn't even a little communication between them when they came back home from jail. Robert's attitude toward Lisa was a great contrast to what he had shown, just earlier in the day.

"Robert..." Lisa couldn't help but try to break the silence between them.

"What?" Robert simply responded, without lifting his head, continuing to eat.

"Why aren't you saying anything? Are you still angry with me?"

"No. Please take your time to enjoy the meal. I have some work in the company. I should get going now, " Robert replied and suddenly put down his chopsticks.

"What? You still have to work at this time? It's pretty late. Then...I'll wait for you until you come back, " Lisa said, feeling very upset and confused at Robert's behavior.

Emotionless, Robert waved his hands and said, "No, I may not come back tonight. You are pregnant. You should have a good rest yourself."

"You are not coming back tonight? Robert..."

Before Lisa could finish her words, Robert had already grabbed his suit jacket from the chair. He put it on and left the villa without saying anything

nt. He had just left the house. If there was anything, Alice should've told him before he left.

Robert answered the phone, "Alice, what's going on? Is there anything important happening in the house?"

"Master Robert, I have something in my mind that I've always wanted to tell you. I don't know whether I should say it or not. I have just decided to tell you now, " said Alice carefully.

"What's that? Tell me quickly, " Robert asked as he furrowed his brows.

"Lady Linda had smashed all the plates and bowls into pieces after you left just now..."

"It doesn't matter. Just let her do it as long as she doesn't get hurt. Please clean it up and take good care of her."

Robert heaved a sign of relief. It was just Lisa smashing and breaking the plates. Nothing life changing like an accident or death.

He knew that Lisa could be unhappy because of his cold treatment toward her earlier.

Before that, he had treated her very well and had shown much enthusiasm. But it was all meant for Linda, the woman he truly loved, not Lisa. He hadn't completely gotten over the shock yet. And it would take a while for him to fully accept it, if he ever would. That was why he was so cold to Lisa. He had every right to be angry at such dishonesty.

He knew of Lisa's frustration and sadness. But he really needed some more time to adapt himself to the fact that the one he thought she was Linda was actually Lisa. It would be impossible for him to keep the same enthusiasm on Lisa for now.

"No, not just that. Master Robert, I haven't finished yet. After Lady Linda broke the plates and bowls, Master Adam came out to comfort her. And then he asked Lady Linda to follow him into his room, " Alice continued.

"Alice, what did you want to say?" A bad feeling rose in his heart. Robert got even more confused. He might know what Alice was going to say next. And he didn't like what he was thinking at all.

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