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   Chapter 514 What If

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Lisa held the hands of her frightened mother and said, "No, it's not! Don't worry. She didn't set up a trap. Linda had forgiven me."

"What do you mean that she had forgiven you?" May was confused.

Anyway, Lisa felt so relaxed now that she did not have to worry about anything. She calmly sat on the chair beside May, handing her a cup of tea and said, "I wanted to get you out today when I came. Of course I used Linda's identity. But I guess someone here must be working for the Mu clan. Linda probably got a warning or alert of some sort and then she was here before I could do anything else."

Lisa sighed, "I thought she was going to kill me, but luckily she let me go after I begged her."

May sneered and said, "Right, these women coming from some noble family are just hypocrites, putting on a high and mighty front. Sherry was exactly like that back then! I used to look out for her. I said I was pregnant with Johnson's child. But they did not believe me. Sherry pretended to be nice even though she hated me deep inside.

Lisa did not understand what her mother meant but it did not bother her. She was just happy and looked forward to getting back to her original appearance and no longer had to pretend to be Linda. She had to live with the person she loved with Linda's appearance. The appearance of someone she hated so much. It was torture for her. She was afraid it would turn her into a psycho.

Fortunately for her, things would not have to continue being like this. She could relax more as herself.

"Mother, I only have half an hour to see you, and after that I have to go. I have already asked Robert to figure out a way to get you out. It would be soon. Trust me."

"I don't care whether I could get out of here or not. I can rot here and will be fine. I just care about you, that you are in good hands. According to what you said

ard at the front gate.

The guard went inside and gave it to Bun who took it to another room.

"My Lady, it was just like what you thought. Lisa went to see May. This is the recording of their conversation."

"Well, let's listen to it!"

Linda had already gone to bed. The recording had just been delivered, so she got up wanting to listen to it, just in case there was something she missed.

After listening to the recording, Bun could not helped but wonder, "Have Lisa and May really changed?" She thought that they should set up other traps for them while they were alone together, so she was careful to put the bug in May's room to spy on them.

However, the recording showed the mother and daughter to have realized that they were wrong. May even blamed on Lisa for her mistakes.

"Wasn't this good? It is human nature to be good. If they really realized they were wrong and feel remorse for it, then it was not impossible to let them go. They may count it as a blessing from my babies." Linda smiled and returned to her room.

"It would be good if they really knew that they were wrong, but I am afraid that they were only pretending out of fear. What if they try to hurt you without any hesitation when you spare them?"

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