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   Chapter 513 Let It Go

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By Mei Jiao Characters: 6756

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Robert keenly nodded. It was his promise to Lisa, "Yes, dear. I won't leave you, we now have our baby and we will start a happy life somewhere else, far away from here. It doesn't matter to me that you aren't Linda. Now I know that you are Lisa, and I will remember your name, Lisa." He started to like saying her name.

"Yes, I'm Lisa. I'm not Linda." The tears streamed down Lisa's cheeks, as she jumped to hug Robert. She held on to him for so long in case it was only a dream. She was afraid that she would wake up from it if she loosened her embrace.

Meanwhile, Something came across Linda's mind after she left Robert and Lisa. Lisa was bent on taking May away with her today. But Linda would never let her do it. May did so many evil things including raising a spoiled brat like Lisa.

She turned to Bun "Please send my words to Lisa, May still must serve in prison for seven years without any possibility of release or bail. She deserved every punishment that she was sentenced with. So you tell Lisa that she should only take care of herself. If she does anything malicious ever again, then I will make sure that she will have to deal with the devil next time." Linda thought for a second and then added, "Still, I would keep her secret from today, but paper can't wrap fire. It is up to her if she could hide it from others..."

Bun nodded.

Then she ran back to the office. Just at this time, Lisa was embracing Robert with tears on her face. She did not expect that Robert would still choose to be with her rather than abandon her after she confessed who she really was.

Maybe it was just for the sake of their child? She had no idea.

After Bun opened the door and came in, she looked at Lisa with disgust. "Lady Linda wanted me to relay her words; she hopes that you conduct yourself well. And you should remember the thing that you promised, since you are using the same face as Lady Linda's. She would keep the secret for you, but still she had to warn you that paper could not wrap fire. What w

but he now would ask the woman he loved but could not get, for Lisa's sake...

It could prove that he cared about her so much, which made Lisa felt sweet like honey.

"Thank you, Robert. I have not seen my mother for long, and I want to see her again even if we could not save her right now..."

"That would be no problem. I'll have someone let us in..."

It was Lisa's right to see May even if they could not get her out. After all, she was her dear daughter. Relatives had the right to visit prisoners, which was inalienable to anyone. Besides, Linda promised to let Lisa go, then she would not bother about letting Lisa seeing her own mother.

A half hour later, Lisa was kneeling down in front of May with her tears flowing down on her face, "Mother! I'm so sorry! I planned to get you out today, but I failed."

"My silly girl, what are you talking about? How could you get me out? That monster bitch, Linda would not let me go. Just take care of yourself. Don't worry about me." May held Lisa tight. She loved her daughter dearly.

"No, it was true. I was trying to help you and get you out today. But I ran into Linda and she stopped me..."

"What?! You ran into Linda? Did she do anything to you?" May started panicking and said, "You have to go! Just go! Is this some kind of trap Linda set up, letting you in to see me?"

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