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   Chapter 512 Forgiveness

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Robert was stunned and fell into silence, which disappointed Lisa. She never thought that Robert would just abandon her like that.

Was their blissful life together for half a year, just a dream? Even though Robert loved Linda, it was Lisa who had lived a happy life with him during the past few months. No one could ever take away that from her. Neither Linda, nor anyone else.

Linda did not pity Lisa at all. Lisa deserved it and it was a small price to pay for all the pain and trouble that she had caused. If Linda wasn't a sensible person, she would have killed Lisa by now.

"Why don't you say something? We have to settle all of this today. After all, you have been together for half a year. Yes, we all know now that she stole my identity but we have totally different qualities and characteristics. We hardly have anything in common. My temperament is different from hers. Didn't you find anything strange these months?" Linda asked in a stern voice.

Robert did notice a few strange things here and there. But he thought it was because she broke up with Charles. Traumatic breakups could change one's character so easily. He would not care so much as long as she was around him.

Robert held Lisa's shoulders tightly with his hands, he looked into her as he wanted to see something from her soul. Then Robert sighed and asked, "What did you look like before?"

Only then did Robert notice that there was a small black spot on Lisa's forehead.

This small spot looked very strange. He had watched Lisa when she was asleep for a few times, but he never found this black spot before. It apparently had come out recently.

"This should be the sequel to a cosmetic surgery. However, after a long time, there would always be problems..."

But the doctor who did the surgery to make Lisa look the same as Linda was till amazing.

"I looked like..."

Lisa had even forgotten her own appearance after such a long time. She had been living in this borrowed dream of being Linda, relying on Linda's identity to support herself.

With Robert's attitude, Lisa felt that she had lost all hopes of being together with him again. She looke

Lisa may be a very extreme person. But a rabbit would bite people if you agitate it too much. Besides, Linda also thought Adam was a scum after hearing what Lisa said.

Bun, who was watching the whole thing, tried to say something, but Linda stopped her, shooting her a concerned look. Since Linda did not say anything, Bun shut her mouth as well.

"Get your face back to its original appearance! I won't leave you. Aren't you pregnant with our baby? Did we just talk about getting married abroad?"

Robert held Lisa's shoulders and said it word for word, as it was also a promise to her. Although he just found out that she was not Linda, he was still willing to marry her. His only precondition was for her to get back to her actual appearance.

Now that Robert wanted Lisa to change her face back, Linda had what she wanted and would not need to tell him the truth anymore. She simply said to him, "Robert, congratulations to you."

Then Linda left with Bun abruptly.

Robert was trying to say something, but he was stopped by Lisa, "Are you sure you won't leave me, Robert? Are you really not going to leave me?"

She repeated it over and over again, as if she was afraid that Robert would regret it and change his mind the next moment. She could not imagine what would happen if she lost Robert. She could not believe that Robert would still marry her and let her keep the baby, knowing that she wasn't really Linda.

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