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   Chapter 511 Unable to Get the One She Loved

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"Miss Lu, why are you here?" asked Robert, surprised.

Bun disliked Robert because he once tried to compete against Charles for Linda.

"Why can't I be here?" She retorted.

Robert was stunned, not knowing what to say.

"Come in, " said Bun after casting a glance at him.

Robert saw Linda as soon as he entered the room.

Linda, however, hadn't seen Robert in a long time, but she noticed that Robert seemed to not have changed during the last six months. Apparently, he had lived a good life during that time.

He might have had a steady romantic relationship with Lisa.

However, it was a pity that their relationship wasn't normal, having a lot of ups and downs because Lisa deceived him from the very beginning.

"Robert, it's been a long time!" greeted Linda, while smiling at Robert.

Although having the uncannily similar look as Lisa's, Linda gave off a different vibe. Robert carefully looked her up and down and he was surprised to see her large belly.

"Honey, my dear wife..." Robert greeted back, a bit confused.

"What do you mean, your dear wife? Don't call Lady Linda your wife. She has nothing to do with you. Your wife is over there." Bun got annoyed when she heard Robert call Linda his wife. There was no way she would let him take advantage of Linda. His wife was Lisa, not Linda.

Following the direction to where Bun pointed her finger, Robert looked towards a corner of the room and saw someone, covered with a coat, huddling herself up there motionless.

He was familiar with the coat because Lisa wore it when she went outside this morning.

"What's going on?" Robert frowned in confusion.

He turned to Linda and studied her face. Then he looked over to the woman curling up in the corner. He did this at least twice, his frown growing more sour as he did. He tried to come up with words in his head but failed.

"The truth is in front of you and we will settle this today. Lisa, don't hide yourself anymore. Now that Robert is here, let's make everything clear, okay? If Robert really likes you, he will not care about what you look like."

"Lisa? I really like her?" Robert didn't understand at all what Linda meant. He didn't even know anyone named Lisa.

Lisa remained huddling in the corner, having no courage to face Robert. She knew that if he found out that she was the fake Linda, he would surely leave her. God knew what else he would do. Maybe he would even make her pay for her lies befo

not, it has already happened and we need to face it. Whatever she looked like, you can feel whether Lisa really loves you or not, right?"

Robert kept silent. He knew that this woman in front of him indeed loved him. Every time he looked in her eyes and she looked into his, he felt that the love was there.

However, he battled with himself in his mind and still could not accept this betrayal. After all, the woman he actually loved was Linda. Not just the face but all of her.

Even if Lisa had the same face as Linda's, she could never take Linda's place and would never measure up to her. She wasn't the real Linda after all.

Robert looked desperately at Linda.

He didn't know what to say.

The whole thing was too unnatural, too dreadful and no man in his right mind would accept this instantly.

Linda also knew that it might be a big blow to Robert's pride, but he had to face it.

As one of Robert's former schoolmates, Linda knew him well and felt sorry for him. She hoped that he would stop wasting his time on her anymore because she was a married woman who also would soon be a mother. She hoped that he would one day find his real happiness with a right woman.

"I love you so much. Please don't leave me. I beg you..." Lisa, now desperate, approached Robert. She gripped his clothes firmly for a long while and wasn't willing to loosen her grip.

She began to hate Linda for this. She had almost successfully gotten her chance to be together happily with Robert forever. But Linda had come to ruin everything.

She had tried her best to love Robert, but she was still unable to get the one she loved.

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