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   Chapter 510 Basic Principle

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Despite her shock upon knowing about Adam Huo's death, Linda thought that Adam had somehow deserved it. Adam had been, indeed, too cruel to Lisa. After all, Lisa was only an innocent stranger to Adam before she went to him for help, under May Shen's suggestion. However, unfortunately for Lisa, Adam didn't offer her any help, but he had held captive of her as a slave.

Adam was indeed a horrible freak!

He had also tried every means to get back at Charles because he had held a grudge against Charles for so many years. He blamed the loss of one of his eyes on Charles, but in fact, it wasn't Charles's fault. Adam had reaped the fruits of his own bad actions.

Linda drew back her thoughts and told Lisa, "Okay, now that the first matter is clear. I have no interest in other people's business. But for the second matter..."

Lisa held her breath as she waited for Linda to finish her words.

"I don't care if you love Robert, and I won't even try to stop you from loving him as long as you can correct your faults and start a new life. I will just let you off if you promise me that you won't hurt anyone from now on. But you are having a relationship with Robert while you have the same face as I do. And that's a big problem!"

Lisa's heart sank as she heard Linda's words.

This face was the only thing that could bring her close to Robert's side. If Lisa didn't have the same face as Linda had, Robert wouldn't have given her a single glance from the very beginning, when they had first met.

After Lisa had been together with Robert, she had investigated Robert's dating history. She found out that Robert hadn't had any other girlfriends before they got together. That was to say, Lisa was his first woman. But, in other words, it was Linda who was the only woman that Robert had ever loved.

At the thought of it, Lisa felt so sad. Robert had loved Linda wholeheartedly without reducing any bit of passion toward her.

Besides sadness, there was also a hint of jealousy swelling inside Lisa's heart because Lisa thought it so unfair. Why did all the excellent men in the world love Linda so much? Charles loved her, so did Robert. Why? Lisa admitted that Linda was indeed a beautiful woman, but apart from her physical appearance, what else was good in her?

Why had Linda attracted so many excellent men?

In the parking lot of the prison

Inside a car, Robert was having a rest with his eyes closed. He had been in a meeting until two o'clock in the morning, and then he had hurriedly driven Lisa to bail her mother out. The tiredness was taking a toll on him now. However, he had to personally come here to pick up his future mother-in-law, as a show of his respect to her.

He opened

Bun didn't think that Linda was being cruel to Lisa. It was the basic principle. And this was something that had to happen.

Linda had already been so benevolent to let Lisa off.

Linda's only demand for Lisa was to change back to her own face. Linda wouldn't allow Lisa to get together with Robert while having her face. Charles would be unhappy and jealous of it, too.

"Bun, open the door, " Linda sighed and instructed Bun.

"Lisa, keep calm. Don't worry too much. You've been together with Robert for so long. Even if you don't have the same face as mine, he will still love you. Robert isn't a shallow man. He wouldn't judge a person by the appearance, so... you don't need to worry..." Linda turned to Lisa and comforted her.

But Lisa didn't listen to Linda at all. She just buried her face under her coat and huddled herself in the corner. No words were heard from Lisa's mouth any more because all she could feel was fear. She was scared of facing Robert, scared of the moment when the truth would surface.

Lisa felt so distressed. Her efforts would all be in vain soon. She had been planning so long to live with Robert forever, but now, everything would be over.

Bun nodded and went to open the door.

The door opened. At the very sight of Bun in front of him, Robert got very surprised.

Robert hadn't seen Bun for a long time. He always saw Bun by Linda's side when Linda was still with Charles. But then, after Linda had gotten together with him, Robert had never seen Bun again because Linda had told him that Bun was not treating her well and she didn't want be see her anymore. That was why he was so shocked to see Bun showing up at the room where Linda was supposed to be with May together; and deep in his mind, he had a bad impression of Bun, based on what Linda had said.

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