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   Chapter 509 You Are Terrifying

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From the twinkle in Lisa's eyes, Linda was sure that Lisa was hiding something from her. The more Lisa wanted to keep it a secret, the more Linda wanted to know the truth.

Lisa was like a piece of meat on a chopping block right now, and Linda was the one who would decide Lisa's fate, whether to butcher her or not.

"Lisa, I just want you to tell me what had happened. All I want to know is the truth. If you don't want to tell me, then that's fine with me. Don't you think that Charles would be able to find out the truth for me?"

Said Linda, looking straight into Lisa's eyes with her lips pursed in a faint smile. Linda was confident that Lisa would tell her the truth sooner or later.

The expression on Lisa's face was complex. She really didn't want to reveal the secret to Linda. Moreover, she had already plotted out a plan with Vincent to abduct Linda and kill her on the day when she would give birth to her babies. If she told Linda now that Vincent had had cosmetic surgery and masqueraded as Adam for a period of time, it would definitely cause some unexpected troubles.

What bothered Lisa the most was that she didn't know what would happen to Vincent if she would tell Linda the truth. Since Vincent was a wanted man, Lisa would put him in danger if she would divulge information about him. What if Linda turn him to the police?

Based on Lisa's reaction, Linda was starting to feel more certain that something bad had happened to Adam. Even so, she still wanted to hear it from Lisa. Linda wouldn't mind letting Lisa go since Lisa was pregnant, but at least Lisa should tell her the truth first.

After much thought, Lisa decided to tell Linda the whole story. Even if she didn't tell Linda now, Linda would still find out in the future with the help of Charles. What she should do now was to reduce the impact on Vincent by telling Linda.

"If I tell you everything, could you promise me that you would let go of my brother Vincent as well? I know that what we had done to you was really wrong. And we are very sorry. We truly are. But now, you have found your own happiness, haven't you? Young Master Mu loves you so much, " said Lisa.

'Let go of Vincent?' Linda asked herself.

Many thoughts passed through Linda's mind, and her mind flashed back to the day when she had been abducted by Vincent. He had almost killed her at that time.

Her body had been tied to a jib arm of a crane, and she had been thrown into the water from a great height. Lucky for her, she escaped death.

It was a miracle that she had been able to survive.

Linda was grateful to Bun and Brian. If Bun hadn't been able to shoot off the rope and Brian hadn't risked his life to save her, she would have been dead by now.

She couldn't think of any reason to forgive Vincent. Bun wouldn't agree to let him off, neither would Brian.

Even though Lind

spaper? That wasn't love, " said Linda firmly.

Linda didn't want to talk about Charles any longer since Charles was her husband now and she didn't want to share details about their relationship or his personality with Lisa.

She and Charles were truly in love, and it had nothing to do with Lisa.

"And don't try to change the subject. I want to know where Vincent is now, " demanded Linda.

"Vincent... He is..."

"Say it."

"He is at the Huo clan's house, " answered Lisa eventually.

"I don't think you're telling me the whole story. I'm not surprised that Robert took you in because you are only pretending to be me, butRobert doesn't even know Vincent. I don't think that he would let Vincent stay there for such a long time. You are definitely not telling me the whole truth. Lisa Xia, be honest with me, or we are done talking, " said Linda seriously.

In fact, Linda was suspecting that Vincent had had cosmetic surgery, too, and he had pretended to be Adam. She wanted to get the answer from Lisa.

Linda had had this suspicion in her mind for a long time, but she didn't know how to prove it. She wouldn't let Lisa dodge the question now that she finally had the chance to find the truth.

"I couldn't stand it any longer, so I killed Adam, "

Lisa said with a sigh. She had no choice but to tell Linda the truth.

She knew that Linda wouldn't give up unless she told her what had happened.

She could tell that Linda was already wondering about Vincent's disappearance.

'What? Adam is dead?' Linda thought to herself, shocked. Even though she had thought about this possibility and prepared herself for it, she still found it horrible when she heard that it was, indeed, the truth.

Lisa was pretending to be her to stay with Robert while Vincent was pretending to be Robert's brother to live on.

'Lisa, Vincent, you two are truly terrifying, ' Linda said to herself.

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