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   Chapter 508 Two Requirements

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Linda Xia had never regarded herself as a nice person, so why should she have compassion for Lisa Xia?

For Linda Xia, Lisa Xia had always been a stumbling block, a constant obstacle. Lisa Xia could and would do harm to her any time if she wanted to.

What's more, supposing that Linda Xia would let go of Lisa Xia, Lisa would only be able to have a relationship with Robert Huo because she had Linda's face. It only indicated that who Robert Huo really loved was Linda Xia, not Lisa Xia.

"No, that won't happen. I beg you, Linda. Please give me another chance. I can't lose him. Unless you'd want to take away my life, don't tell him the truth. Please, Linda, please! I really beg of you!"

Linda still remained silent.

Lisa Xia crawled to Linda's leg and pulled her dress, saying, "I know that I look pathetic to you. You can do whatever you want with me. I beg of you. You're my last hope. I know that I've done you so many wrongs, and I'm so sorry. But please..." Lisa implored her with tears.

Seeing Lisa crying, Linda Xia felt somewhat sorry for her. She had no idea what to do.

Bun who stood beside Linda Xia threw a disgusting glance at Lisa Xia.

Lisa Xia had done a number of mean things. Now, just because she fell in love with Robert Huo, she was begging Linda Xia for mercy. Had she reflected on what she had done to Linda and Charles before when they were in love with each other? Why should Linda forgive her since she was the one who started the fight by trying to ruin Linda's relationship with Charles in the first place?

What's worse, the disfigurement of Linda Xia's face had to have something to do with Lisa Xia. Otherwise, Lisa would not have gotten the chance to disguise herself as Linda Xia to become the fake Lady Linda of the Mu clan right after the real Linda disappeared.

"Stop crying. I am sick of it. Have you ever thought of asking for Her Ladyship's forgiveness after you had pretended to be her?" Bun couldn't help but scold her.

Lisa Xia just knelt on the ground. When she heard Bun's reproach, she cried, "I'm so sorry. I'm really sorry for what I had done before. It was all my fault."

Bun was a little confused at Lisa's apology. The Lisa she remembered was quite different from this. Even though Lisa Xia indeed did something wrong, she would have never allowed anyone else to scold her. At least, she would ha

I'll tell you! It was Adam Huo who had asked me to do such a thing. At that time, I was imprisoned by him. It was also he who had forced me to have cosmetic surgery, so I can look like you. And eventually, he sent me to the Mu clan's villa..."

"He imprisoned you? Why did he keep you captive? During your imprisonment, where did you stay?"

No wonder Linda couldn't find Lisa anywhere at that time. As it turned out, she was imprisoned. As a matter of fact, this reason seemed somewhat plausible.

"Then, why was Adam Huo setting you free now? He told you to stay close to Charles Mu, right? How could he allow you to have a relationship with his brother?"

Linda Xia was asking all the right questions.

Linda felt that Lisa had to be concealing something from her, so she insisted on getting to the bottom of the matter.

In addition, Paul had told her that the last place where Vincent Huo was seen was near the Huo clan's house. And thereafter, he had never shown up again. It was so suspicious.

Linda even had a suspicion that the real Adam Huo was already…

Anyway, it was just a wild guess. If it was true, then that would be too horrible.

How could someone be bold enough to murder a man to take his place in the real world? A person with evil intention like this was likely to be condemned to eternal damnation.

In such a situation, Lisa was a bit speechless because she thought that Linda had already sensed the fact. She couldn't just tell Linda Xia that the real Adam Huo was gone, and the man who was now named Adam Huo was, in fact, Vincent Zhou!

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