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   Chapter 507 I Don't Want To Upset Him

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By Mei Jiao Characters: 6533

Updated: 2018-12-31 00:07

"Hello? Is there a woman in there who looks just like me?" Linda asked as she arrived at the front gate of the prison.

The police officer at the door nodded his head and said, "Yes, yes! There is another woman in here who looks just like you."

"Call your boss. I want to talk to him. Now!"

Linda knew that the police in front of her didn't have any power to decide anything, so she wanted to talk directly to the warden.

As soon as Linda gave him the letter she held in her hand, Lisa could no longer get away with it no matter how hard she tried.

This officer at the gate was still stunned by the two identical-looking women. But he soon came to his senses and went to fetch the warden.

The warden's name was Nate Li.

Nate also got startled when he saw Linda, as he was the one who attended to Lisa himself. He was shocked when someone reported to him that another Lady Linda had arrived at the moment.

Nate was petrified. If the woman standing before him was the really Lady Linda, then who was the one inside? If she wasn't Lady Linda, who the hell was she? Why would they have the same faces?

He stood there, at a loss for words. He knew that the person standing in front of him was not the same person as the one whom he had just attended to a while ago. After all, this one was pregnant with a huge belly, and the woman inside was not.

For that fact, Nate knew they weren't one and the same.

"Hi, " Linda greeted him and then gave him the letter she held in her hand.

Nate knew that things had gone terribly wrong right after he read the letter.

Because of their negligence, May was almost released. But it was hardly their fault. Lisa just looked too similar to Linda.

"Where is she now? Take me to her."

"Sure, My Lady. She is in the waiting room now. Please wait for a moment as I'll bring her here."

Linda thought it would be better to wait for her here.

She had not seen Lisa for a long time. Altho

o disturb you any more. I've done things that I'm not proud of, and I know that I was wrong. Could you please give me another chance?"

Lisa still wanted to fight for it. After all, she loved Robert, and now she could see clearly that Linda was better than she was, or would ever be. A lot of people liked Linda, but Lisa couldn't care less anymore.

She only wanted a happy ending with Robert, no matter who she was pretending to be and no matter what the future would be.

Linda took a deep breath, kept silent, and hesitated for a moment. Suddenly, she felt pity for Lisa. After all, Lisa did not do anything particularly unforgivable, and she did not put her life in danger. In this case, she was much better than Amy.

While receiving no response from Linda, Lisa's eyes revealed a slight disappointment. Regret, even. She told Linda, mouth quivering, "If you really couldn't, if you really don't want to let me go, I will just ask one thing from you. Grab me, and let the judge sentence me for as many years as you like in prison, or kill me, I don't care... Just please don't tell Robert... I don't want to upset him... And I don't want him to hate me..."

"I'll take you to prison for ten years? Twenty years? Or even take your life? And then what, make Robert hate me his whole life?"

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