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   Chapter 506 Two Lady Linda

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Linda had suspected that Vincent had something to do with the Huo clan. Moreover, since Vincent was Lisa's elder brother, it wouldn't be surprising if they colluded with each other.

The last place Vincent had been seen was near the Huo's Villa, and then he never showed up again. It was really strange. Where in the world had he been hiding?

"My Lady, don't you feel that things are uncanny? Why did Vincent disappear without a trace, and why would he be seen near the Huo's villa?"

Linda nodded and said, "Yes, it is indeed odd."

"Well, we have a theory at the moment, but it's just a wild guess."

"Do tell me."

"My Lady, you see, Lisa used to look different from you, but now she looks exactly like you, so Vincent is probably..."

Before Paul even finished, the thought already came to Linda.

"Of course. We could not find Vincent anymore because he might now be sporting a different face."

Paul kept on talking, "According to the results of our investigation, there are only two brothers in Huo clan, Adam and Robert. So Vincent may have replaced one of them..."

"It seems that we should meet them and find out by ourselves. Paul, continue your investigation. I have to go to the prison with Bun now."

They could not let May off since she hadn't paid for her crimes. How could they possibly let her out?

Linda was not naive, so she would never be too comfortable when it came to May. After all, May hurt Linda's mother and once tried to kill Linda by faking a car accident.

"Sure, My Lady. Do you need me to send more body guards to protect you?" Paul asked.

After all, Linda was pregnant, so Paul was worried about her safety.

Linda smiled and said, "No, that wouldn't be necessary. I would not get hurt with Bun by my side. I also have the dragon ring. Besides, we could always run if things go south."

"Well then, Young Master asked me to give you this, M

the policemen to hold her release.

That was why it was taking so long. It's already been more than half an hour, and by this time, Lisa was already feeling apprehensive for not seeing May, yet.

At this time, Lisa was having a bad feeling about the situation. She was very jittery. Doubts crept into her mind. Suddenly, she wasn't so sure as to whether it was the right idea to come to the prison today.

But she was leaving China to live abroad. If she left her mother here alone, it would be bad for both of them. Now that she had the same face as Linda's, she could still get away with things for a little while longer. And if she could rescue her mother now, it didn't really matter whether she was found out, because May would already have been taken abroad. The police wouldn't be able to arrest her back easily once they were out of the country.

Driving speedily, it took Linda only half an hour to get to the prison's gate.

The policemen manning the door were shocked when they saw Linda's face. They couldn't believe it. Didn't Lady Linda just entered? Why would there be another Lady Linda?

Linda took one look at the officers' expressions, and instantly knew that they had met Lisa. That was the reason why they were so surprised to see her.

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