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   Chapter 505 The Last Time Someone Saw Vincent

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By Mei Jiao Characters: 8268

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"Father, why are you here?" said Rosy, shivering. Lenny slapped her face so hard that her ears were still buzzing.

"Rosy, how dare you! I can't believe that you would want to kill your own grandfather! Why would you do that?" Lenny shouted harshly, pointing at Rosy who was kneeling on the floor.

Rosy had never thought that Lenny would find out about the truth. She was so afraid of Lenny and of what he would do to her that she knelt on the ground right after she was slapped, trying to think of a proper explanation.

"Father, it's not what you think. I... I can explain it to you, " said Rosy anxiously.

"How could you possibly explain that? I clearly heard what you have just said when I was outside the door. I want to ask you one question. Was it you who ordered someone to push your grandfather into the pond?"

Rosy remained silent when she heard Lenny's question. Jessie, standing by her side, tried to ease the tension and said, "Uncle Lenny, don't get mad. Please hear us out first."

However, what Jessie had said seemed to have made Lenny angrier. He got really mad and shouted, "You shut up! Was it you who came up with such an evil idea? How can you be so vicious at such a young age? It seems that I was too lenient on the two of you. I had never thought that you would be such a bad influence on Rosy, or I would have never ever let you two become friends. How could you even come up with such a sinister plot!"

"Uncle Lenny, we simply wanted to help you keep the properties which are supposed to be yours and Rosy's. If we don't stop Lord Nalan, he will give everything to Linda! We did that for your own good!" Jessie defensively explained. She had taken part in this scheme, but she didn't want to take full responsibility for it. She merely had given Rosy some suggestions, and she really meant to help Rosy, and even Lenny, protect their interests.

"For my own good? That's my father you wanted to murder!" Lenny shouted furiously.

"Yes, uncle Lenny, Lord Nalan is your father, but deep down, you also know that he is especially fond of someone else, not you. If I hadn't helped Rosy, I'm afraid that all of the Nalan clan's fortune would fall into Linda's hands in the future. Are you really okay with that?" explained Jessie.

Lenny didn't say a word after he heard Jessie's remarks.

Jessie seized the chance and continued, "Uncle Lenny, Lord Nalan has lived long enough to get everything he ever wanted, but it doesn't mean t

rself some sunshine.

Her belly was so big that she couldn't do any exercise at all.

All she could do now was to take a walk under the sun after meals.

"My Lady, a policeman from prison informed us just now. They said that you are trying to get May Shen out of the prison now, " Paul told Linda, as he walked up to her.

"I'm getting her out of the prison? Now? How could that happen?" wondered Linda.

Bun said with a smile, "It certainly isn't you, My Lady. I think it is Lisa. May is her biological mother. Only she would take the risk to free May."

Linda closed the comic book, and her lips curved in a smile. Lisa was out of her mind. How dared she pretend to be the lady of the Mu clan and get May out of the jail? Wasn't she afraid that someone would find out about it? Everybody knew that May was just Linda's stepmother, and they had never gotten along with each other. In fact, the way May had treated Linda wouldn't even qualify her as a stepmother.

It seemed that Lisa could now no longer contain herself.

In this case, Linda wouldn't mind dealing with her now.

WSS had planted someone in the Public Security Bureau since the last time Lisa pretended to be Linda and visited May in prison. That was also why Paul had known about it so fast.

"By the way, My Lady, there's another thing, " continued Paul.

"What is it?" asked Linda curiously.

"We had always wondered how Vincent had disappeared for such a long time. We can't find any trace of him anywhere. We have probed deeply into this matter, and it turns out that the last time someone saw him was when he was in the Huo clan's villa, " reported Paul.

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